Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #4

How To Dress Up A Tee

photogrid_1480643732111I’ve always loved dressing up. Skirts and dresses were my norm about 15 years ago. When I began working for one of the big 5—now recognized as big 4—accounting firms, I adapted to the business casual dress code environment by opting for more slacks.

Even though I’ve worn more slacks in recent years I still prefer skirts. Dressing up the skirt in the collage was “so easy a caveman could do it,” no offense to cavemen I just always had a desire to say this.

Planning to wear mostly black and cream-colored clothing this winter meant I only needed one or two new pieces to add to my wardrobe. Sticking with my something comes in/something goes out philosophy as a result of buying this Philosophy skirt at Nordstrom Rack, I gladly gave up two dresses.

What I wore: A black v-neck tee, obi belt, opaque tights, and ankle boots were paired with a beige pencil skirt. Simple earrings and a sparkly brooch finished off the look.

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. That’s a very stylish outfit, Steph. Incidentally, I’m not sure I’d want to see a caveman in a skirt. I doubt he’d have the legs for it.

  2. Wow! What a story! I will think of you Steph every time I squeeze into my pantyhose (which is hard enough since I am 582 pounds, but thanks to shape wear, I only look 82 pounds). And right now, I can’t wear ANY hose due to a giant cast on my leg due to my broken ankle. Although I could wear a single stocking if I can find my garters from the 1950’s.

  3. The byline said, “t -shirt” but it looks formal on you. Black and white – love the look. I like mixing simple looks into classy ensembles. It isn’t the cut of the top of the skirt that makes the outfit. The lines and draping of the fabric can do so much, even when working with a monochromatic palette. xo

  4. Sounds like you have a nice variety Carla. I used to be of the same opinion on hose during the summer then a couple of things happened to change my thought process. After the death of my best friend a number of years ago I broke out in the awful rash but it was limited to my legs. The doctors had no idea what it was but I was covered in bruises and had to take benedryl every night for years because it would flare up. I eventually had a biopsy done after wew ryled out food and other causes and my dermatologist said it was hives. She couldn’t explain why they erupted or why they were only on my legs. I’m saying all this to say I was unable to wear hose during the summer months and had to wear long skirts. Thank heavens the situation resolved itself a few years ago but then it was menopause and the thought of putting on panty hose made me nauseous. But knock on wood, this seems to be disapating as well.

  5. I too have always loved skirts and blouses, alternated with a dress or two, believing that you can do a lot with some basic solid black or cranberry-colored skirts in the winter, and white and yellow in the summer. I usually wear some sort of hose, ranging from leggings in the winter (hey, I live in Milwaukee!), and nude-colored pantyhose in the summer. It just seems more lady like to me. I have a few summer skirts with patterns on them and some with flowers, but they tend to limit what you can wear with them. And I have some blue patterned skirts I wear in the winter. I stick with blue, green, red and yellow colors since I am a winter palate. I’m still learning to ride buses, but this will be my first winter taking buses as a blind chick. So, scarves, gloves, and lots of layers will be my likely winter attire!

  6. Now those are my kind of leggings. And it’s funny you should mention that because I was with my cousin not too long ago and she found some in Marshalls. I probably should have scooped up a pair.

  7. Actually yes it is warm enough as the skirt is a comfortable knit and the tights are pretty heavy. But then I’m not out in the cold for very long as I take the door to door service route. Now if I had to take a bus or had a long walk in frigid temps I would not wear this because I can’t take it when it’s too cold.

  8. Very nice. The skirt looks ivory or winter white on my phone and I love winter white and ivory. You look very stylish. Is that warm enough for you there?

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