Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #3

Transitional Pieces: The Vest/Sweater

A collage of me sitting and standing outside with my white cane at the nursing home.I find having a summer and winter wardrobe with a few transitional pieces thrown in to get me through spring and fall is easier than maintaining clothing for four seasons. This works really well since I only have two temperatures anyway—hot and cold, seldom am I just right.

A short time back a long sleeve mock neck sweater with a faux suede/shearling vest was perfect for a brisk morning and cool afternoon. On this particular day one of my sons took me to the nursing home to visit with my mom. Afterwards we took a few pictures outside with some harvest decor.

What I wore: Blue jeans, black long sleeve mock neck sweater, white faux suede/shearling vest, black suede wedges, red handbag, shades, and my ever-present white cane.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!




  1. Thank you Diana! It was such a relaxing day. Since I didn’t cook when I got home I was able to kick back and spend time with Netflix.

  2. Me too Katelon. When I got this vest I already had a white down vest and since I’m simplifying there was no need to keep both so I opted to keep this one and gave the other one away.

  3. It was strange that the thin cotton dress was warm enough as the other clothes kept me warm. I love your vest…I love soft clothes.

  4. Looking great.

    Years ago I had made several African print cotton sundresses, while living in southern AZ. Then, I moved to northern AZ , arriving with 5 feet of snow on the ground. I just added a turtleneck, and tights underneath the sundress, making it a jumper then, boots and a coat, and I was set to go. 🙂

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