Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #27

Date Night Style Emergencies 101

2017 05 13 10 47 13 1Picture this, after months of playful flirting back and forth you’ve finally gotten the courage to ask your neighbor down the hall out on a date at a popular jazz club in the city. He said “yes” now it’s a mad dash to the beauty salon to get hair and nails done.

After you’ve been beautified, you carefully select the perfect outfit, black midi pencil skirt, off the shoulder white top, strappy black heeled sandals, teardrop post earrings, bracelet, crossover bag, and white cane. Now the fun begins as you transform into the glamorous, enchanting creature residing inside you. Then 10 minutes before “Go Time” the unthinkable happens…

On the way to do one last makeup check you trip over Fluffy, your adorable little rescue mutt. Landing with a thud on the bedroom carpet not only did you snag a fingernail, you’ve lost the back to one of your earrings, your top is slightly askew, and worse yet your black skirt is now covered in Fluffy’s white hair. Drat!

With no time to waste you hurriedly grab your emergency kit and get to work. The lint remover sheets do a remarkable job getting rid of the dog hair on the skirt. Next, you pick up your missing earring find the tiny hypoallergenic earring back, reinserted the post and secure with the clear back. Using the double-sided tape on the inside of your top ensures it will remain in place.

The miniature emery board makes quick work on the snagged fingernail but as time counts down, because everyone knows women don’t sweat, your underarms begin glistening. Not to worry though, your kit has adhesive garment shields. Yet another emergency averted.

Two minutes left before your dates comes a calling you’re finally standing at the bathroom mirror applying your mineral veil to set your makeup and none too soon as you hear a knock at the door. Snatching your white cane, and bag (complete with the emergency kit) you glide to the door appearing cool as the proverbial cucumber.

When you open the door standing before you is the man of your dreams. Taking his proffered arm the two of you head to the car. Once you’re belted in and he prepares to start the car he gazes at you then slightly bends his head as you part your lips and you hear him gently whisper “you’ve got something on your top.” Hmm, you didn’t see that coming but no worries because you’re prepared with your Tide To Go in your emergency kit.

Contents In Fashion Emergency Kit Photo:

  • Hollywood Fashion Double-sided Clear Tape
  • Deodorant Removing Sponge – for removing deodorant, makeup or powder smudges from clothing
  • Adhesive No-Show Concealers (shaped like a clover) are used to create a smooth appearance by deperkifying
  • Breast Lift Tape – similar to fashion tape for when a bra isn’t required
  • Adhesive Garment Shields
  • 2 Safety-Pins
  • 2 Instant Self-Adhesive Buttons
    3″ x 3″ Lint Removing Sheets
  • Clear Rubber Hypo-Allergenic Earring Back
  • Clear Rubber Hair Band
  • Small Emery Board
  • 1 Round Blister Pad
  • Shoe Shine Sponge
  • Vial of Static Guard
  • Tide To Go
  • Silver Crystal Embellished Wristlet

Hollywood Fashion Secrets come as individual components or premade kits. Aside from the actual site you can find the products at the following stores: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Beauty.com, Amazon, and others.

In can neither confirm nor deny whether the events in this post actually occurred. But the moral of the story: Never let ’em see you sweat!😉

Have a very nice weekend!

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25 thoughts on “Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #27

  1. Great tips. I carry almost non of the items mentioned – always have fingernail clippers and a file because my nails are so brittle, but that’s about it.

  2. Heh. I count on guys being super aware of where their stare might wonder. So if mine seem too pointy in some colder air, I can well hear from their voice if they seem a bit sighttracked and can also guess they’re not staring at their phone screen. So they’ll try to look at the face I think. Oh well. doesn’t bother me either way 🙂

  3. Hahaha. You know what? I think they should call them Bandaids for Nipples. I’ve used them a few times and they worked well but I’m so small in that department it just wouldn’t do to have my pointers pointing anywhere. But I hear you on the less stress.

  4. This happened years ago. I forgot to mention he was an ex professional football player (emphasis on the EX). Every where he went he was bragging on himself and honestly I don’t think he was a name that anyone would know or remember plus I hate football so I didn’t care. Eventually I had to tell him to take a long walk off a short plank. I don’t know how I forgot this but after him another rule was not to date professional sports guys. I know not all of them are dolts but the ones I’ve met were so distasteful it was ridiculous.

  5. The concealers are like bandaids to hide the nipples? I’ve never used those. Just trying to get the boobs aligned when dressing, so if the ‘pointers’ are on the same height and even, that’ll do. Since there’s already enough to worry, like does the shirt or blouse cover the bra fully etc, no extra stress needed. So guys can stare at them all they want :p

  6. And travel. I found some of those at BBB so will need to get one or two for travel needs. Since i always get coffee and korean food on my shirts…

  7. I’m sure it did to someone. I have a rule of not dating any who lives in the near vicinity. I broke it once and had to go off on the guy when things went south. He was such a moron.

  8. Very good! So true. The humor lies in what actually happens to all of us. That said, maybe this needs a sequel from the guy’s day getting ready. (Don’t look at me!)

  9. I don’t carry everything on this list with me but never leave home without my emergency kit. It’s come in handy so many times especially the double sided tape and lint remover sheets.

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