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Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #2

How to Wear a 72″ Fringed Oblong Scarf

photogrid_1480594797407There are about a gazillion ways to wear a scarf. With over 37 million views, one of my favorite YouTube videos is 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

The obvious problem from a vision perspective is the lack of captioning to describe the methods the young lady is using. While there are many YouTubers who do not include descriptive video in their tutorials, there are vloggers who describe what they are doing.

In the following steps I describe how I wore the oblong scarf from yesterday’s photos. While holding the scarf horizontally in front of you the end in your right hand will be (A) and the end in your left hand will be (B).

Example of the knot with a peach colored scarf on a decorative vintage dress form.


  1. Place the scarf under your chin and let the loose ends hang down your back. (A) will be on your right and (B) on your left.
  2. Cross (A) and (B) behind your neck so that the loose ends are now hanging in front. (A) will now be on your left and (B) on your right.
  3. Pull the center of the scarf located under your chin in a downward angle about 7 or 8 inches (this does not have to be exact it’s whatever makes you feel comfortable). You now have a loop.
  4. Take the loop in both hands and twist it to the left. (The twist will be against the front of your neck.
  5. Holding the twisted loop open take end (A) and insert it over and through the loop.
  6. Take end (B) and insert it under and through the loop.
  7. Adjust the knot for comfort. Violà you’re done!

Happy Friday!





19 thoughts on “Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #2”

  1. There you go Peggy.🙂 You never know unless you try. Some of the tutorials look a tad confusing to me but I decided to add only a couple more to my current tying process because my brain is almost filled to capacity.

  2. I think my only phases were hot flashes one moment then I’d be shivering cold in the next. At work I kept a small fan on my that also functioned as a heater. That poor piece of machinery really got a workout. When I bought my boots there was a designer who made some beautiful clothing for women over 50 so I was following her for a minute and even bought a poncho but have since given it away. The boots were such a great find and it was an accident that I even came upon them but I snatched them up.

  3. When I started menopause I started having these different “phases” and one of them became online shopping…ironically my sister said she went through the same phase. Anyway I watched QVC 24/7 for almost two years, I now have a dear friend who sells on QVC and I went with her for her first airing 1-1/2 years ago now. That picture of me and another woman on my Instagram account is Susan Graver, one of QVC’s top selling designer and my favorite!! It was like I was in Disney World for the day being there..I loved it!! I hardly watch them anymore, mostly when my friend is on and sometimes on Saturday mornings with Leah!! 🙂 They do have some great clothes and other things. I have bought several pairs of Clarks boots form them. 😉

  4. Truth be told before seeing some of these tutorials I only had a handful of ways to wear a scarf. Don’t feel bad Robin some of them I can’t figure out but then I don’t see the need to many different ways to tie a scarf besides I wouldn’t remember them anyway.

  5. I went thru a phase a couple of years ago where I started shopping on QVC and scarves were one of the things I bought and that’s where I learned of the many ways to wear them. In addition to QVC showing it on tv, they emailed me videos showing all the different ways to wear them. I especially love them in the winter as they keep me nice and warm!

  6. I’ve been wearing scarves since my early 20s but I wasn’t aware of how many ways they could be worn until a few years ago. I agree with you on great they make outfits look

  7. I never wore scarves until a couple of years ago and I never realized how many ways you could one until then! It’s amazing, and the kicker is it’s so easy…you see all these fancy looking tied-up scarves on people and I loved it but thought it too complicated to do..not, it is so easy. Another thing about scarves is how much they dress up an outfit so simply. Thanks for another great fashion tip Steph!! xo

  8. Yes, I’ve seen that and at a jewelry part I went to the consultant showed us how to make a shrug out of a scarf. It’s very similar to what you’ve described here.

  9. I saw a woman who doesn’t like scarves around her neck, so she starts it around her back, like you’d wrap a towel around you, with with scarf open to its full width. Then, not crossing it in front, but rather grabbing the top corners one in each hand, she ties it behind her neck, grabbing a small amount from the top middle of the part in back, and ties that in as well. It then ends up lookung like a vest. You can either leave the bottom front corners hanging or tie them together loosely.

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