Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #18

Getting Out Of The Color Comfort Zone

“Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.” ~Color Wheel Pro

Orange top is described in the post. Tote bag is perforated faux leather panels on the front and back with black patent leather bottom and straps. Straps are connected to the bag with gold chain links and a gold medallion is on the front of the bag.Full disclosure, orange isn’t one of my favorite colors but after finding out what it represents I just may have to alter my thinking. Colors are known to have a psychological effect on the human psyche.

Since I need a little mental boost for tomorrow I pulled out my sleeveless lightweight knit orange surplice top and tote bag (tan & black) with a decorative orange tassel and gold accents. I’m still a little undecided on what I will wear with this top but I feel comfortable with my choice.

At my recent visit to the ophthalmologist this past Friday I found out there could be an issue with the retina in my right eye. After many pokes, proddings, and punctures to my eyes over the course of 10 years, I didn’t think there was anything left to intimidate me.

Slit lamp at the ophthalmologist office.

Because the doctor was unable to get a clear view of my retinas from the photos and her examination she referred me back to my retina specialist. As I tried to understand what she saw when she used the word “schisis” and said my retina could be partially torn, I’d already moved on to the “how do we fix it” mode. Depending upon what’s going on in the eye the retina specialist may not need to do anything further, however, the possibility of having yet another gas bubble injected into the eye got my attention. I think I can do just about anything except allowing a gas bubble to be injected without some sort of nerve medication. I only had this particular procedure done once at the doctor’s office (while fully alert) and I swore then I wouldn’t go through it again.

I think I can do just about anything except allowing a gas bubble to be injected without some sort of nerve medication. I only had this particular procedure done once at the doctor’s office (while fully alert) and I swore then I wouldn’t go through it again.

Even though I am not an extrovert (one of the words to describe the color orange) I like a pop of color to brighten up an outfit. Whatever the outcome tomorrow I feel confident that I’ll feel confident in my little orange top.

What do you do when you need a little mental boost?



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25 thoughts on “Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #18

  1. I think I would panic and they’d have to do something too. I had a deep cleaning on my teeth once and they had to give me the laughing gas to get through that. Of course, they probably did that so they wouldn’t get bitten! LOL

  2. They should have no problem with that. I would think they wouldn’t want you stressed out either and maybe move or something. Just hoping they won’t have to.

  3. Me too. But I’ve pretty much decided there will be no painful probing. I’m so brave when I’m at home behind the computer screen.😜 Seriously though if there has to be something done that will cause me anxiety they will have to give me a valium or something.

  4. Sorry about the death in the doctor’s family. Sorry about your issues too. My hope is that you will be able to go calming to your appointment and not have to endure any painful probing or injections.

  5. Thanks Diana. I didn’t realize it until after the doc’s office called to reschedule the appt. that I was nearly having a panic attack.😆 I’m feeling pretty good now that I have another week to go for the appt. But regardless of what happens this go round I know my limitations and I won’t be strong armed into any heavy duty poking or other discomfort. Or shall I say unless it’s with some heavy duty nerve meds.

  6. Sorry to hear about your eye, Steph. That sounds stressful. I hope it gets resolved without much hassle, discomfort, and poking. Regarding orange – go for it. The color in the photo is beautiful.

  7. Hi Wendy, thank you I hope so too but I found out later in the day yesterday that I’ll have to wait another week as the doctor was called out of town on a family emergency.

    I love 🎵🎶 too and used to listen to it all the time back when I was driving. Now I listen on occasion when I’m on the computer doing lightweight stuff otherwise I can’t focus.

  8. Hi Patty, this time I will definitely insist but I’m hoping there won’t be a need for the procedure. Unfortunately it’s been rescheduled for next Tues as a family emergency came up and the office had to contact all patients to reschedule.

    I feel I can take on the world with some good music.🎶🎵

  9. I’m sorry to hear you have to go through this. Hope things work out better than expected.
    Re: a boost – I love music and will put on one of my favourite CDs and carry on working. 🌹

  10. Thank you Katelon.💖 Around 4 this afternoon the drs. office called cancelling my appointment for tomorrow as there was a sudden death in his family. So I’m rescheduled for next Tuesday.

  11. Thank you Brigid. One of my other friends said that gardening helps her as well. For the first time ever I’m going to try a miniature garden for my balcony. Fingers crossed it’ll survive the summer. 😄

  12. Believe me I will only tolerate so much poking and probing

    I have a balcony as well and thought starting small with a terrarium would be a good start. I’d also like to do some hanging plants but I know even before I get them they’ll die. I’ve never done herbs and right now I’d give just about anything to enjoy the scent, sinuses kicked up yesterday a sure sign that spring is on the way.

    I didn’t inherit the cooking gene. My mother loved to cook which is probably why I have an aversion to it. Now sit me in front of a computer and it feels like heaven.

  13. Hopefully they can then find some more details about the new retina issues, without too much poking and probing.
    I’m really bad with keeping roses alive and have killed cactuses too… like ten small ones I had this winter.
    But got today started with gardening for this year. I got nine hot pepper plants of different kinds and some herbs from a community garden next to the blind school here last week, and it was a lovely weather to plant them. It’s always so lovely to notice the plants grow, then have your home grown peppers and kind of like an own garden, even if it’s just a balcony. Somehow even a balcony garden feels like zen always, just so peaceful and enjoyable for all senses. And when some plant dies at some point – well, it’s just life, get a new plant and start over. And herbs also smell so divine, basil and mints among them.
    Cooking has similar effects to me. Cutting things to smaller pieces and trying to be precise with knife feels good as of course needs some concentration for not chopping off fingers…

  14. I hear you. I’ll just have to wait and see. As soon as she mentioned that they could fix it with a gas bubble I knew it wasn’t for me but I want answers to what’s going on. The last time I had a torn retina repaired by laser surgery the exam before the surgery hurt like heck. The doc was “your eye is numb, you shouldn’t feel this” but I felt it and I think it was some sort of metal probe. That took place at Cleveland Clinic and none of my docs here in Pittsburgh ever did that. But my retina specialist was the one who did the gas bubble in his office – I thought I’d have a stroke I was so scared. It was nothing like the medication injections.

    You know I totally forgot about coffee because it always makes my days a little brighter. I quit cooking, except for holidays, when my kids became self sufficient and never had a knack for gardening but this summer I do want to do a miniature garden. Wish me luck because I’ve managed to kill cacti and bamboo.

  15. (hug) why would they need to probe and try to fix your retinas any more? I mean, it sounds so terribly medical attitude, like trying to fix all eye things at all cost even if there’s no benefit. Reminds me of someone I read about recently, who was tried to be bullied in getting cataract surgeries when he’s got already good blind skills, is happy and doesn’t care for it at all.
    When I need a little boost… usually: coffee. I love the smell of it, and it keeps me awake pretty well. Another good one is a lovely walk or run outdoors, it always feels great no matter what weather. Cooking and gardening, nice music, nice audiobooks, enjoying the company of my fluffy companionships. All very small little things in a way, but those are just the best kind. Things you can easily find and enjoy every day.

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