Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #17

Keep It Understated & Uncomplicated

Collage containing a picture of me sitting on my barstool with white cane in hand, a picture of the outfit described in the post and a picture of the denim trench coat.I’ve been battling bronchitis for the past couple of weeks. What began as a sore throat morphed into laryngitis which led to bronchitis. As a lifelong asthmatic, let me tell you any additional respiratory issues can make life a wee bit uncomfortable.

When you’re under the weather the last thing you want to be concerned with is what to wear, am I right or am I right? I felt like crap the other day and my preference would have been to remain indoors, I had errands to run. My go-to outfit when I’m not feeling well is simple: jeans or leggings, flats, tee-shirt, and earrings.

In the spirit of full transparency, I’ve been known to forego makeup by hiding behind some chic shades and no matter where I have to go or what I have to do you won’t catch me without earrings. Unless I’m feeling particularly grungy, just doing these minor things can help to make me feel better and appear put together.

Back to what I was saying the other day. Since the weather was so nice I put in a little extra effort by throwing on some makeup, pulling out these cute satin taupe ballet flats accented with a petaled pouf, a tee with long sleeves (shirred at the wrist), my black leggings, and topped it off with my denim trench coat.

I shared the following quote on Facebook this morning and with a couple of minor tweaks, I think it fits nicely with this post.

The Fashion Formula
1 Basic (jeans, skirt, top)
1 Interest Piece (color, pattern, texture, shine)
1 Completer Piece (jacket, cardigan, belt)
Accessories (bag, jewelry, shoes, scarf)

Do you have any tips to share? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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👩🏾‍🦯 | INTJ | HSP | Collector of knowledge | Alpaca Fanatic “If I stop to kick every barking dog, I am not going to get where I'm going.” ~Jackie Joyner-Kersee Hi, I'm Steph! I'm a highly sensitive proud introvert and a recovering people-pleaser. These traits or quirks used to bother me because I always felt out of place until I began a recent process of self-acceptance. While I'm still a work in progress, I view my quirks as my superpowers and am grateful that they contribute to who I am today.

36 thoughts on “Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #17

  1. Thank you Chanty.💖 It’s a horrible disease and I read an article yesterday that indicated the most recent drug trials have failed. So it’s looking like we’re moving more towards prevention than cure.

  2. Seriously have to change my thinking as well.
    That’s something I noticed with Alzheimer patients, my grandpa was physically strong and still wanted to do so much which makes it all the more sadder. Let’s keep on praying that God will give y’all strength and buckets of love to handle her with all the care she needs. Go well Steph.

  3. Hahaha, I can relate to the “just in case” situation Chanty with regard to the bag. While I’ve been slowly downsizing in every area some habits are harder to break than others. But taking the slow approach is helping to change my thinking.

    Thank you so much for asking about my mom. I haven’t posted any recent updates out of respect for my brother. She has her up and down days. The hard part is other than the Alzheimer’s and her disability she is healthy as a horse. This makes it so difficult to have conversations with here because she can be so argumentative and we have to keep reminding ourselves that her thought processes are off kilter.

  4. Oh yes I do…making me a bag lady too. Can you imagine the size of my bag, I just cant have a small bag!! I like to keep a soft scarf in there as well…just in case. I’m so bad…always have “just in case items” in my bag.
    On a different note Steph, I hope your mom is doing well…I probably missed a few of your posts where you might have mentioned something about her. Was just wondering how she’s been. Keep well!

  5. Oh okay. Sorry about that no worries. In an effort to eliminate preconceived notions on what blindness looks like is part of the reason I pose with the cane. Also I want to encourage and empower other blind & visually impaired women to not be ashamed to use their white cane. Thank you for stopping by.🙂

  6. Forgive me for appearing dense, but I don’t understand why you were asking the question. Maybe I took the way you asked the wrong way because all of the photos of me with my white cane are me.

  7. Yeah mine doesn’t seem nearly as bad as your situation. It typically will flare up during the change of seasons and from things floating around in the atmosphere.

  8. Oh my Katelon you’ve far surpassed what the medical professionals thought. So it sounds like you’re managing your asthma very well. I still use an inhaler and when I have an attack I get breathing treatments and steroids. I’m bracing for spring because the weather folks are predicting a very high pollen count.

  9. I haven’t gotten rid of it. Doctors said I’d be dead by 30 and I’m 65. I am still active even with only 50 % lung capacity and I attribute that to all the alternative health stuff I’ve done since 73.

  10. I thought I recalled that but I also thought you said you got rid of it later in life. Did I misunderstand? Or was there some sort of natural method you were using to control it?

  11. HI Chanty, Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so backed up on reading it hurts my head because it seems like a never-ending battle. I like this idea of keeping some bling in your bag to put later. Methinks I’ll have to do another post on this suggestion. Do you also keep like an extra set? For example a set for work and a set for an after work event.

  12. Hi Steph, always a pleasure reading your posts. I’m catching up on all my favorite bloggers and while I’m reading my eyes lights up and I’m smiling from ear to ear…thinking all the while how much I missed you!
    Fashion? Ehm…I like to keep some accessories like neck pieces, bangles, bracelets and earrings in my bag so if I didn’t have much time to dolly up then I’ll just add some bling to complete the look.

  13. Hope you feel better soon Steph! I totally agree about the earrings! Funny, it’s usually too much of a battle to get my mom into a nice outfit, but I always manage to convince her to wear earrings.

  14. YES!!! I love that you use the word bold. You are so right with the undergarments and how they can impact our psyche. Any kind of statement jewelry pieces can also work as conversation starters.

  15. Get well soon.
    I’d add to the tips: be bold, and also wear things that make you feel happy. For me that was for many years trying to find some bright and bold undergarments. So even if I’ll seem to be wearing the most boring black or gray thing ever (because sometimes that was expected for work or studying), all the darkness of the dark colors would not get me if I had bold and rebel underwear or socks. Those can make all the difference, especially if what you wear matches your style inside better than allowed in the form of uniform etc.
    Another tip: find and wear things that will work nicely as a conversation starters. Whether it’s a t-shirt or the purse or some accessories. I guess earrings could work for that purpose too? I love silicone bracelets so no matter what outfit, I always wear a few.

  16. Hi Uneka, thank you for coming by and for your kind words. When I finally broke down and went to Med Express they told me it was going to take a few weeks to get back to normal. With each passing day I feel better.

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