Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #16

Wrangling Wicked Wrinkles

iron-6046_1280Over the last few months, I’ve become increasingly better at using Instagram. So good in fact that I was thrilled to learn how to comment on posts and send messages.

While I’m pretty tech savvy my abilities fall short in the social media arena. Take Twitter for example. It took me a couple of years to figure it out because #1 it wasn’t very high on my list of priorities and #2 it felt like everyone was talking with very few listening.

So I think it was back in November, I deleted my Twitter account which allowed me a little more time to focus on Instagram and boy and am I glad I did. It’s hard for me to believe how many relationships I’ve built on this platform, as a matter of fact, many of this year’s Women On The Move I met on Instagram. And I’ve been able to follow many of you there as well.


Yesterday, as I scrolled through my timeline, up popped one of my faves, @elizabeth_._johnson with a hack that I wanted to pass along here. If you hate wrinkled clothing you’re gonna love this.

Febreze. Yes, you heard correctly. Since she ran out of her Downy Wrinkle Releaser Elizabeth used Febreze on a new jumpsuit wrinkled from being packed away in a bag.

She sprayed the outfit down and laid out flat to dry. When she later checked the progress all of the wrinkles were gone. Now being the skeptic I am I had to do a little research and what I found was in addition to removing odors Febreze does indeed remove wrinkles. Once clothing has been sprayed until damp some people lay clothes out flat and some hang them until they are dry.

Have a great Friday and a Fabulous weekend!



  1. I’m with you. Most of my clothing does not require ironing. It’s funny but I barely noticed that I stopped ironing over the last few years.

  2. 🤣Okay, I started laughing when I read this comment and now I’m have a coughing spell. If I even tried to do yoga it’d be a guaranteed trip to the ER. 🤣

  3. Interesting tip but I’m sort of a wash OR wear type. As to social media and all that stuff, I had nearly figured out the twentieth century when y’all up and changed it. With all this insta-this and tweetle-that, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up.

  4. Yeah, now that I’m used to it I can’t remember why I was hesitant to use IG but better late than never. I actually enjoy it more than FB.

  5. With the exception of a couple of shirts I rarely iron. It’s such a pain. You’re better than me because I haven’t even attempted snapchat. I must be getting old.

  6. I get really bent out of shape when I have to iron. Most of my clothing doesn’t require ironing but I have to iron my white shirts.

  7. Thanks for the hack! I enjoy following bloggers on IG as well, in fact, it has made me a little more excited to use IG because I feel as if I “know” the people who might be watching. Plus, I’ve gotten to know more about bloggers’ every day lives too.

  8. i don’t think i’ve ironed for a few years now 🙈…
    it’s good there are several social networks these days as everyone is different. i think you’re very visual so instagram works awesomely. i love words and brevity and the ambiquity of twitter (everything people can squeeze in 140 characters will be misinterpreted). snapchat is impossible to figure out…

  9. Oh, my favourite method was one I tried this morning. I spray the offending item with water and wave it in front of the heater. Hanging something in the shower to let the steam get at them works wonders, too, when I’m travelling. (I want to sleep late and can’t be bothered assembling an ironing board).

  10. Thanks Robyn. I love Instagram too and wish I would have taken the time to understand it before now but better late than never.

  11. Great tip Steph! I’m with you regarding social media. Rarely use it other than to lurk in the shadows but I do love Instagram.

  12. Great tip Steph! Thanks for sharing. Febreeze is a lifesaver when traveling as well. Quick way to freshen up your clothes, or a stinky teenage boy!

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