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Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #15

Technology Trends & Trade-Offs

Happy Friday!

Description is in body of post.Don’t you just hate it when technology fails you? I sure do. Take my cell phone, for example, a couple of weeks ago it decided it was no longer going to respond to my verbal commands. Who’d ever thought we’d get to the point where inanimate objects respond to anything? But seriously I’m so thrilled these devices have evolved into the multitasking gadgets they’ve become.

From scheduling, note taking, reading, texting, listening to music, watching videos, taking pictures to gaming (if you’re into that sort of thing), oh and placing phone calls, we’re literally walking around with mini computers. One would think with all the capabilities of these devices we’d have little to complain about right? Wrong!

Long story short for the unforeseeable future I will not be able to pose for picture-taking since my phone is on life support. So in the interim, I’ll do whatever I have to as a workaround.

photo of SheIn model wearing the bell-sleeves top


Today’s tip is simple, don’t place too much of an emphasis on trends. Sure they can be fun but they’re not worth investing a ton of cash. Fads are fleeting and sometimes quite honestly they can be silly.

You may have gathered I’m not a fan of most trends but there is one to which I’ve succumbed, bell sleeves. I ordered this real cute top not too long ago and it just arrived today so while I could not take a picture of me wearing it I could do it manually.

What I like most about this top aside from the sleeves is the material. The sleeves and bodice are a stretchy knit and the bells feel satiny. For a whopping $15.00 from SheIn it wasn’t a bad deal at all.  Also, remaining true to my ‘something comes in, something goes out’ philosophy I will be getting rid of two tops.

Image description: Black, crew neck, bell sleeve tee paired with a multi-strand statement necklace.  

Have a nice weekend!



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