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Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #15

Technology Trends & Trade-Offs

Happy Friday!

Description is in body of post.Don’t you just hate it when technology fails you? I sure do. Take my cell phone, for example, a couple of weeks ago it decided it was no longer going to respond to my verbal commands. Who’d ever thought we’d get to the point where inanimate objects respond to anything? But seriously I’m so thrilled these devices have evolved into the multitasking gadgets they’ve become.

From scheduling, note taking, reading, texting, listening to music, watching videos, taking pictures to gaming (if you’re into that sort of thing), oh and placing phone calls, we’re literally walking around with mini computers. One would think with all the capabilities of these devices we’d have little to complain about right? Wrong!

Long story short for the unforeseeable future I will not be able to pose for picture-taking since my phone is on life support. So in the interim, I’ll do whatever I have to as a workaround.

photo of SheIn model wearing the bell-sleeves top


Today’s tip is simple, don’t place too much of an emphasis on trends. Sure they can be fun but they’re not worth investing a ton of cash. Fads are fleeting and sometimes quite honestly they can be silly.

You may have gathered I’m not a fan of most trends but there is one to which I’ve succumbed, bell sleeves. I ordered this real cute top not too long ago and it just arrived today so while I could not take a picture of me wearing it I could do it manually.

What I like most about this top aside from the sleeves is the material. The sleeves and bodice are a stretchy knit and the bells feel satiny. For a whopping $15.00 from SheIn it wasn’t a bad deal at all.  Also, remaining true to my ‘something comes in, something goes out’ philosophy I will be getting rid of two tops.

Image description: Black, crew neck, bell sleeve tee paired with a multi-strand statement necklace.  

Have a nice weekend!


20 thoughts on “Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #15”

  1. Thank you. Someone once told me they are only built to last about 2 years which is a shame for the amount of money we pay for them but since I’ve been using smart phones they’ve lasted about that length of time.

  2. Thank you. I’ve been decluttering since last summer and I want to get to a point where I only have pieces I absolutely love and wear instead of having a bunch of stuff I don’t wear.

  3. I forgot to mention SheIn used to be called SheInside and they’ve got real cheap prices but some of their stuff isn’t great quality and the sizing tends to run a little smaller. I got this top in a large and it works.

  4. Thanks Katelon. Yes I am happy with the quality however this isn’t a piece I would expect to last a lifetime but it will be fine for now and the true test will be when it has to be washed.

  5. Thank you Carla. I’m so glad to hear everything worked out for you with your ride. I used to carry a portable charger with me and then somehow it just went by the wayside but I always try to keep all my devices charged. It’s a carry over from when I used to drive and wouldn’t let the gas tank go below half. Just the thought of being stranded is a stressor.

  6. Good blog Steph! As a Bold, Blind Beautiful woman, I’ve learned the hard way how our smartphones are really our lifelines. Last fall I took a long bus trip to meet a colleague. Normally this isn’t too difficult since I’m becoming increasingly confident in busing myself around as a blind woman. But this time I had not been to the designated location before which apparently was next to a field on the side of a highway. The plan was upon arrival to call my contact. However, when I was let off the bus, my cell phone died. I waited for about 90 minutes in the precipitously falling temperature as the sun set, hoping my contact might deduce the problem, but alas, no contact. As I realized I just might freeze to death and promptly be buried right there by the highway, I tried not to panic with those grim thoughts lurking in the back of my mind. But finally a car drove up, a man inquired about my predicament and asked if I needed I help. I, of course, shouted yes and asked if I could get in his car to at least get warm. Since no one has phone numbers anymore, there was no way to contact my friend. But I heard him say he too had an iPhone and we came up with the idea to quickly charge mine up. We were able to contact my friend and she picked me up right away. But as it turned out, that man was the President of Froedtert Hospital and The Medical College of Wisconsin, the largest and highest quality teaching healthcare system in the State. As a busy person, he certainly did not have to stop and help me, but it shows how medical people often have compassion and a heart. Although he couldn’t restore my vision, he did restore my sense of faith in the kindness of the human condition. I’ve since learned to be very mindful of the status of my smartphone before I venture out boldly with my cane, and to be certain people know how and where to find me when I do go out. I would probably still be on that corner today if he didn’t come by. And very cold.

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