Empowering, Connecting, Breaking Barriers

Empowering, Connecting, Breaking Barriers Image: Megaphone atop a closed laptop indicating social media.


Editor’s Note:

Recently Nasreen Bhutta and I represented Bold Blind Beauty as guests on the Presutti Advocacy Podcast. The host, Lauren Presutti, a wheelchair-user, disability advocate, and mental health therapist, invited us to discuss our thoughts on disability awareness. During our conversation, we shared our passion for changing perceptions about blindness, beauty, and the importance of AIR. AIR is an acronym for Accessibility, Inclusion, and Representation.

Empowering, Connecting, Breaking Barriers

Connecting With Presutti Advocacy:

As a community dedicated to empowering, connecting, and breaking barriers we are so grateful to have connected with Lauren, a true warrior. When you have a moment check out Lauren’s podcast on YouTube. She has interviewed some amazing people who are breaking barriers and changing perceptions of how we view disabilities.

To learn about Presutti Advocacy, visit www.presuttiadvocacy.com and follow Presutti Advocacy on FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn.

Image Description:

Megaphone atop a closed laptop indicating social media.

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