Dressed To The Nines In A Little Tee

The Tee Is Not So Basic

One of the great things about being on a fixed income is it challenges your creativity. While working within set financial parameters can be stressful, making good use of what you already possess can make life a little easier.

Striped Tee, Skinny Jeans, Tan Sandals/Handbag, Aviator Sunnies, Pendendent Necklace, Drop Earrings & Bracelet
Striped Tee | H&M, Skinny Jeans, Tan Sandals/Handbag, Aviator Sunnies, Pendant Necklace, Drop Earrings & Bracelet

Buying multiple tees in a variety of colors and patterns can extend your wardrobe exponentially. Following are just a few ways you can mix it up with a tee:

  1. you can wear it with jeans, slacks, overalls, or skirt
  2. you can layer it under a sundress, vest, or open shirt
  3. you can wear it under a blazer, jacket, or cardigan
  4. you can wear it  tucked in, untucked, or partially tucked
  5. you can knot it (loose-fitting tee)
  6. you can knot and layer it (loose-fitting tee)
  7. you can wear it off one shoulder (loose-fitting tee)
  8. you can wear it with a belt or without
  9. you can accessorize it with a scarf
  10. you can wear it with a chunky necklace or pearls
  11. you can wear it with heels, flats and sandals
  12. you can wear it with a baseball cap or hat
Striped Tee, Black Skirt, Cobalt Blue Slingbacks, Black Embellished Clutch, Fringed Pendant Necklace, Dangling Earrings & Black Obi Belt
Striped Tee, Black Skirt, Cobalt Blue Slingbacks, Black Embellished Clutch, Fringed Pendant Necklace, Dangling Earrings & Black Obi Belt

The point here is you can start with a tee and bottoms as the base and then build from there. For example when I’m going for a casual vibe I’ll wear a pair of cuffed skinny jeans, white tee, and white canvas sneakers, keeping jewelry to a minimum. To upgrade this look for an evening outing I would swap out the earrings, bracelet, and sneakers, for dangling earrings, cuff bracelet and/or long necklace, heels, lightweight moto jacket and a clutch.

Clothing that does double duty is, in a word, fabulous!


  1. Love your ideas! Tees are definitely a staple in my wardrobe… like you said, can be dressed up or down. I have a striped one, like in your pic, and love it. 🙂

  2. I impressed by the thought and creativity that you put into it. I tend to just throw things on, which is why I’m most unlikely to one any “best-dressed man” awards. 🙂

  3. I don’t know what I would do without clothing that pulls double duty! I particularly love when a t-shirt works in an evening look – it’s like effortless chic.

  4. Thank you! Sometimes I think the closet can be our worst enemy. It’s like returning to the refrigerator multiple times throughout the day and expecting something that wasn’t there previously to appear. Sometimes a fresh outlook can make all the difference.

  5. Here I was looking in my closet to find something to wear tomorrow at work and thinking I have not much to go with. You make the tees so versatile.

  6. Love the way you merchandise that tee. Your creative spirit is spilling over..I work in fashion and I can see you definitely know what you’re doing. Work it Stephanae…

  7. You’ve just confirmed my idea of getting a bunch of Tee shirt.
    Sherri Rodgers

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