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Thoughtful Thursday: Division vs. Fellowship

A lone person is standing in an open field under a cloudy sky.


Today’s post is not my normal bubbly spirit, however, it is still present and I have found in life’s struggles it is also my superpower! Coupled of course with my stilettos and sparkle.

The Elephant

Let’s address the elephant in the room the division we are all feeling now and at other times of our lives. Division to me is feeling afraid, angry, left out, and quite honestly alone. We can feel divided at home, at work, in relationships, and the list goes on. The social distance of 2020 has elevated these uncomfortable feelings and has caused us not to live from our strong place. If you’re thinking, ‘Abby, what is my strong place?’ I’ve got your back!

You see we ALL have our core values. When we are in this mindset we allow room for creativity, love, passion, and a bunch of goodness to bring to our soul and to others. We feel the complete opposite of the uncomfortable feelings I mentioned above.

Let’s pause for a minute, get out your notepad, computer, braille note taker, whatever you need to take 5 and write down your values. Here are mine:

  • Love for myself and others
  • Humility
  • A giving spirit
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Gratitude
Division vs. Fellowship Image: Notepad image is described in the body of the post

Ok, now that you have your core values, sit with them, and remember a time or place and channel the amazing feelings that bubbled up and lifted your spirits! Take it a step further and remember the outcome.

  • What did it look like?
  • Did it promote connection? Fellowship? Community?
  • Pride in your work?
  • What positive result came from this to promote a safe environment?

I am in this exercise with you and the emotions that are around me now are opening up my heart to love and gratitude with a smile from ear to ear!

Navigating Our Way Through The Darkness

Maybe you are not there yet, and that is totally OKAY! Give yourself grace and understand that you need to sit with it and not avoid it. These are your genuine feelings and you do not need to be afraid or do this alone.

There were several weeks that even the act of getting out of bed seemed like a marathon. What did I do to get out of this? I reached out.

Outstreched Hand
Outstretched Hand

You see, you have more power than you think, when the heart is dark and the soul is heavy, you have the power to ask for help. You have the ability to text a friend and say I need you! I can’t do this alone.

Other things you have control over, cut-off the things that are bringing you down. For me, I stopped all social media, read fun books that made me laugh, texted a friend that I could trust with my heart and not judge me, and journaled my feelings.

These small, yet significant changes, fed the heart of who I am and led me through the dark place into streams of light.

Let’s talk about the power of fellowship!

Remember what I said about having power in darkness? Once you make those small steps to emotional freedom you are stepping into this beautiful place. By texting that trusted friend, you opened the door to helping not only yourself but someone else.

Your vulnerability is not weak, quite the opposite, it is the connection to bring healing. Journaling your feelings, you took the step to process your feelings and gave your heart a clear picture of what is truly bringing you down. Now, you can build the road map to be an active participant in YOUR life.

Roadmap image is described in the body of the post

Cutting out the toxic elements?

You rock star! You stopped “feeding” the negative thoughts” and introduced food for the soul. You see, we are closer to our true selves than you think, after all, it is your heart, your soul, your life, it is up to you to choose what emotion you want to nurture.

Happiness is a choice, love is a choice, peace is a choice. At the end of the day, we are people and we have the choice to create a beautiful life, no matter the circumstance.

Here are some fun books I have read and tools that have really helped me:

Please share with us what you have been doing to change your mind-set! Let’s build a strong community of Fellowship!!!



Image Descriptions:

  • Header – A lone person is standing in a wide open field under a cloudy sky.
  • Notepad – Two hands are holding a journal and pen on a desk containing a tablet and a cup of coffee.
  • An outstretched hand is reaching toward the light.
  • Two female friends in the desert are leaning against a car looking at a roadmap.

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