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Delving Into The Art of Conversations

Photo contains items for a geological expedition among them a map, compass, pick, writing pad, rocks.

Abby’s Corner | General Conversations

Exploring Generalization In Conversations

Dialogue is oxygen, conversations are energy, words are food. Your soul is too vast to be feeding on anything that doesn’t fill you. You deserve exchanges that feel like full course meals.

~Billy Chapata

Happy Wednesday My Lovely Peeps!

When I was thinking about what I wanted to share I have to be honest and say it was a struggle. Nothing seemed to be landing with me. That is until I stumbled on a social media post where someone was asking a specific question to learn more about Audio Description (AD). Now, if you are new to AD or have no interest I urge you to continue to follow the Abby train of thought!

It was not the question that caught me it was the response that used the phrase “generally speaking.” I went back and looked at the question again, this person asking was clearly wanting a specific response from several perspectives to aid in their craft. It got me thinking, do we “generalize” so much in our lives? Are we so desensitized to areas that could be impactful to others? Are we relying so much on social media and other sources that we are now responding to one another in a way that is not meaningful?

A group of book club members sitting around a coffee table having a conversation
Book Club

What Happened To The Art Of Conversation

I posed this question to several of my friends over a coffee chat and the conversation went in so many directions that it was concerning to all of us. Some stated they responded in “general” terms for fear of not being liked or even worse not heard. Some stated they “feel their voice does not matter” and others say “we are living in a time where care for one another is not present and we are put in categories.”

All of this got to me, but the categories are where I want to focus today. I know for me I do not want a general response to ideas or areas that MATTER in life. We all know I am a hard-core believer in love and looking at the uniqueness in each soul. So I do not believe any response that is either gauged on one person’s comment can speak for an entire community. This is not just “blind” related. This universal theme speaks to the children of today, other disability groups, basically everyone gets thrown into a category of age, race, gender, and the list goes on…

Whether a plane to Singapore, a subway in Manhattan, or the streets of Cincinnati, I search for meaningful conversation wherever I may travel. Without it, I believe we lose the ability to not only understand others, but more importantly, ourselves.

~Dhani Jones

When did we stop being human? I am here to tell you that intimate conversations with trusted family/friends is food for the soul. Adding your opinion to a topic you feel passionate about is valuable, even if you may not see eye to eye. There are times you need to “Agree to Disagree” and move on to a different topic, but have respect for one another’s viewpoints.

Our current lifestyle with everything going on in the world has fed this mindset, in my opinion, and I have to say it concerns me deeply. Now, with the care and trust of you, I ask for your comments on this topic, and let’s see where this goes.

I know that you are Unique, Bold, and Beautiful!



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  • The header is a photo that contains items for a geological expedition among them a map, compass, pick, writing pad, rocks.
  • Book club: A group of book club members sitting around a coffee table having a conversation.

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