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DeafBlind Awareness Week 2022 | Sherri

DeafBlind Awareness Week June 26 - July 2, 2022 in white text on a deep mauve background

DeafBlind Awareness Week 2022 | Sherri

Editor’s Note:

Sherri Rodgers

Today in addition to celebrating her birthday, we recognize Helen Keller DeafBlind Awareness Week from June 26 – July 2, 2022. Born 142 years ago Helen Keller was a barrier breaker who was also an author, educator, disability advocate, and activist.

In view of DeafBlind Awareness Week, each day this week we will share stories of people within the community who are living with DeafBlindness. We will begin with Sherri Rodgers who was our most recent guest on our podcast Bold Blind Beauty On A.I.R. Below is a 30-second clip that links to Sherri’s story shared on YouTube. If you’d like to see the entire transcript in blog format you may do so here: Sherri Rodgers | Living With DeafBlindness.

I’ve known Sherri and her twin sister Susan (who also has Usher Syndrome) for about 12 years. As a matter of fact, the sisters are among a small group of friends with whom I’m grateful for helping me embrace my sight loss. My introduction to the blind community and the subsequent creation of this site was through their friendship. They were also members of my Sight-Saving Avengers Team for the Foundation Fighting Blindness Pittsburgh Vision Walk. Over the span of 3 years our team raised over $10,000 to help fund the research to cure a number of blinding retinal diseases. I mention this because anyone can break barriers.

Sherri and Susan have always been productive members of society. Both have been at their jobs for many years and they’ve sustained their own households. While it isn’t easy, because the world isn’t designed with DeafBlind people in mind, they manage very well.

I hope you enjoy listening to Sherri’s story. I’d also like to recommend the Helen Keller National Center website as it is a very comprehensive resource.

YouTube Clip

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