Daring to Own Your Story

Daring to Own Your Story 2017 Featured image description is in the body of the post.

“If I can climb that mountain what else can I do in my life?” ~Becky Andrews

Daring To Own Your Story is a challenging annual women’s retreat created by my friend Becky Andrews. Recently Becky shared her passion to take more blind women on this empowering adventure in her Holman Prize video submission. Take a listen to her 90-second video as she talks about her annual retreat.

Every year, the Holman Prize awards three blind or legally blind individuals from around the world up to $25000 to carry out a dream project.¹

Becky, seated and talking directly to the camera opens the video. She has dark shoulder length hair with bangs and is wearing a chambray shirt with a navy and yellow fruit print pull-over sweater. Interspersed throughout the video are images of Becky and her guide dog Georgie. Some of the other photos include women on an obstacle course, rock climbing, and hiking.

Daring To Own Your Story Featured Image Description:

This outdoor photo is a group shot of attendees at the 2017 Daring To Own Your Story Retreat. Eight women, (some with white canes) are standing, two are kneeling. Also included in the shot are two guide dogs.

¹(2016) Who is James Holman? • Holman Prize 2018. Retrieved from Holman Prize 2018 website: http://holman.lighthouse-sf.org/who-is-james-holmanAccessed March 11, 2018.


  1. Thank you so much! Sharing our experiences has been so much fun. There are so many remarkable clips!

  2. Kathy – I agree. Stephanae’s blog and what she has done are amazing!! Always feel uplifted when I stop by!

  3. How cool is this??? Steph, this is why I like your blog. You’re helping to redefine all kinds of messed up societal perceptions about blindness and sight impairment.

  4. Thank you!! I’ll pass your message on to her. They had some pretty interesting candidates who are working on phenomenal projects this year.

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