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CoVid-19 TOTD #9: Staying Healthy

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Editor’s Note:

At Bold Blind Beauty, our goal is for you to enjoy life, but be well while doing it. During #CoVid-19 we want to assist you with that, so here is our COVID-19 #TOTD (TipOf The Day).

Staying Healthy is a Priority!

By Cheryl Minnette

The #1 way not to become infected with the coronavirus is to stay away from everyone completely. Yes, that’s right, everyone! Now, unless you are the only person living on an uncharted island,  it is nearly impossible to not have any human contact at all. Since the reality for most people is that they are not on that island and will (most likely) come into contact with someone, at some time, on some level. When you do, will you know if they are contagious or not?

If they are not sick, what difference does it make?

Just like with many illnesses, someone having the coronavirus may appear to be perfectly healthy while living with this illness. The alarming point of this is they can potentially spread COVID-19 to others, which is known in some cases to lead to death. This is why the more someone interacts with others, they can increase their risk of becoming infected. With so many people moving about this earth being asymptomatic, it is critical that the guidelines that are  put in place for safety are adhered to.

Social distancing and no-contact are for protection not hindrance. Anyone could potentially be a carrier of the coronavirus and by not following proper protocols for safety, they could be spreading and infecting others without their knowledge or yours.

A person who is asymptomatic is someone who has an illness, but is not showing any symptoms of that illness,

A person who is asymptomatic is able to infect others because coronavirus is a contagion. This one reason alone is what makes it so difficult to find out who someone contracted the virus from. Knowing that the coronavirus is continually mutating and adapting to its human environment, following safety protocols is the best way to stay healthy in combat COVID-19.

Your thoughts are welcome, so comment below as to whether this TOTD was helpful, what you would like to know as it relates to safety tips, and what you were able to relate to. Your insights and expressions are appreciated. 

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Photo of 4 young people with face masks on taking a group selfie of the Mona Lisa who also has on a face mask.


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