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CoVid-19 TOTD #4: Mindfulness

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Editor’s Note:

In today’s CoVid-19 TOTD (tip of the day) contributor, Cheryl Minnette recently featured as a Woman On The Move in Beyond Sight Magazine shares important handwashing tips. Thank you, Cheryl! ~Steph

CoVid-19 TOTD #4: Mindfulness

Here at Bold Blind Beauty, our goal is for you to enjoy life, but be well while doing it. During CoVid-19 we want to assist you with that, so here is our CoVid-19 #TOTD (Tip Of The Day).

We are all preoccupied these days and with the weather getting warmer, there is excitement swirling in the air. Stay on full alert and don’t let your guard down. We must all remain mindful, especially in the warm weather.

As the thermometer rises and the days become longer, coming home we are looking for relief from the heat. If you are someone who comes in the house and does one of the following:

  • Turn on an air conditioner
  • Turn on a ceiling fan
  • Open or close windows
  • Open or close blinds

Be aware that the possibility of transferring the unseen virus onto these places is higher than one would think.

  • Knobs
  • Panels
  • Pull strings/chains
  • Windowsills
  • Windows
  • Blinds

It is these actions that one usually doesn’t give much thought to. 

Whenever returning home, your first course of action should be to head straight to the sink and wash your hands, wrists, and nails with soap and water. This detour should not take you more than 60 seconds. A small delay to pay for one’s life. In the event that you skipped the handwashing in your haste, be sure to go back and sanitize all areas that have been touched by using a disinfectant spray or a disinfectant wipe. Comfort is what we want, but safety and wellness must come first. 

Give us your thoughts by commenting below as to whether this TOTD was helpful, what you would like to know as it relates to safety tips, and what you were able to relate to. Your insights and expressions are appreciated.

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