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CoVid-19 TOTD 12: Dining Out

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Editor’s Note:

At Bold Blind Beauty, our goal is for you to enjoy life, but be well while doing it. During CoVid-19 we want to assist you with that, so here is our latest COVID-19 TOTD 12 (TipOf The Day).

Dine At Your Own Risk

By Cheryl Minnette

Here we are heading towards the end of 2020 and right into the holiday season. The next wave of coronavirus (CoVid-19) is sweeping across the United States with a vengeance. The numbers in more than half of the states have spiked tremendously and a continual rapid growth is anticipated. This may come as a surprise to some, but not to others. 

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Visualize this for a moment, if you will. Everyone wants to get out, which is totally understandable. With restaurants now seating indoors to offer ‘dine-in’ service, many are going out to eat.

Yes, it can be fun, relaxing, and great to connect with friends you haven’t seen in a while without having them in your home, but here is what could be the danger in doing this. We put ourselves in a situation where we have people sitting together en masse whose points of contact are unknown. Everyone at each table is laughing and chatting it up in close proximity to each other, unmasked. This potentially places you in a closed environment amidst people whose viral status could possibly alter your health, thus placing you and your family at risk.

Do not allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that those that have tested positive for the coronavirus and the people they live with are all quarantining themselves.

The air inside each restaurant continues to swirl about as the wait staff are moving about serving each patron. Remember also, there will be patrons coming in to be seated, patrons who are leaving, and others making their way to the restrooms. This moves the air in many different directions, with plenty of open mouths and noses around.

This is just one example of how comfortable many have become in letting their guard down in the midst of a surging, ongoing pandemic. 

Thoughts To Consider When Dining Out

If you must go out for edible entertainment, be sure to keep these things in mind:

  • Is the restaurant seating patrons 6 to 10 feet apart?
  • Are all employees who may come in contact with the public, required to wear masks?
  • Are the wait/bus staff who set the tables and refill drinks, required to wear gloves?
  • How do they sanitize in between patrons?

Many people are extremely apprehensive when it comes to entering a medical facility. It is so much so that they will reschedule and sometimes even cancel their in-person appointments or procedures. Tell me, can you answer these questions for me when it comes to safeguarding our health?

  • Why are we so eager to go into a food establishment for ‘dine-in’ service, without knowing their pandemic protocols?
  • Why are we willing to unmask ourselves to eat and drink uncovered food and beverages that have been brought to us through the ‘swirling’ restaurant air?

Let’s work together so these numbers do not continue to skyrocket. Save your life and the lives of others by adhering to guidelines and protocols put in place for our benefit. Keep in mind that there are people who have tested positive for the coronavirus (CoVid-19), who are mingling with the general public, so always be on guard.

Your thoughts are welcome, so comment below as to whether this TOTD was helpful, what you would like to know as it relates to safety tips, and what you were able to relate to. Your insights and expressions are appreciated.

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