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Cool As A Cucumber in Celery

A Quick & Effortless Maxi Styling Solution

20160617_121147-001I can’t stand cucumbers and I hate celery. Okay well that’s not totally true, I like celery if it’s mixed in certain foods but to eat it in its native form um, yeah, hating it is about right. And cucumbers? I dunno, I used to like them and then blah.

Thankfully I’m not going to be talking about cucumbers or celery with the exception of being cool, like a cucumber, in a celery colored maxi dress. My favorite item of clothing next to a pencil skirt is a maxi because they’re comfortable, versatile and hide my banged up legs.

The maxi slip dress in the photo was given to me by my aunt last year—thanks Aunt Bevy!! Before I forget, when living on a fixed income accepting pre-owned clothing from stylish friends and family members can be a blessing that simply cannot be declined.

Lightweight polyester fabric and spaghetti straps on the dress pairs nicely with an old denim jacket. And since I must have bling in some form, gold embellished sandals, a multi-strand rhinestone enhanced necklace & small drop earrings give me that sparkle I cannot live without. Topping off the look with a navy & natural striped straw clutch and shades presents an easy breezy chic appearance.

Today is the first day of summer and one of the longest days of the year—YAY!! Live it up!!

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