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Confidence And Beauty Found In Insecurity

Confidence And Beauty Found In Insecurity

“Beauty is the opposite of perfection–it’s about confidence, charisma, and character.” ~Unknown

The Plan

Confidence and beauty, or rather how we are perceived was the plan. I was going to talk about it from three perspectives:

  • How we see ourselves
  • How others see us
  • How we want to be seen by others

Yet as I sat with fingers poised above the keyboard nothing, absolutely nothing came to me.

The Early Years

Standing in front of my counter with my white cane. The full description of what I'm wearing in all of the photos is at the end of the post.

I wanted to write about how as a child I didn’t fit in and wanted to be like everyone else.

I was gonna write about my insecurity of growing up poor.

I was gonna write about valuing secrets when you come from a dysfunctional background. You learn early on to put on a mask because you can’t let people know about your home life.

Young Adulthood

I wanted to write about the lines I would not cross. The lines I chose to cross sickened me as it was contrary to my character.

I was gonna write about how having children of my own gave me the strength to fight. To fight for them, to fight for my integrity, to fight for myself. To become me.

I wanted to write about how it’s not my concern when someone prejudges me. It’s theirs, they can have at it.

I was gonna write about how the word ‘label’ is just a word. Ultimately we are the ones who ‘choose’ to give this word power, we can choose differently.

Rear view standing at the counter with my white cane.

For far too long I strived to be perfect, I failed miserably. I was overly concerned with the viewpoint of others and how they perceived me.

Confidence is an on-going battle of accepting my quirks, flaws, and insecurities. Beauty is not perfection. Beauty, real beauty embraces the whole person; our actions and character are in synch.

What I wore description:

  • Winter white dress pants
  • Light gold lamé long-sleeve tunic top (mid-thigh length) with a light-colored tank underneath. A nice detail is a slit at the wrist of the sleeves.
  • Long (just above the knee) cream-colored loopy tasseled sweater vest. The loops are more like individual tassels covering the entire front of the vest.
  • Navy ankle boots – three-inch chunky heels with a silver zipper on the front of the boot.
  • Jewelry – chain drop earrings with rhinestone ends, pendant fringe necklace with several rhinestones immediately above the fringe, cut-out pavé open bangle.

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