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Celebrating the Magic in Everyday Activities

Many multi-colored balloons floating in the sky.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

~Oprah Winfrey

I’ll be bold and say we need to find ways to celebrate more. Yes, we have peak moments – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, transition parties (retirement, graduation). Instead of waiting for these occasions for ourselves or to celebrate others, what if we reframe ‘celebration’ to include smaller, more frequent opportunities to be present with ourselves and others?

Every day we’re here is a reason to celebrate. Time passes so quickly. It is important to be present throughout the day, with the people you’ve crossed paths with, and what you do for yourself.

When in your life do you celebrate?

The book The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact is about elevating interactions for favorable outcomes. Sharing the goodness; increasing the warm and fuzzy, cared for, compassionate, and thoughtful thoughts.

Ways to ‘Celebrate Small’

A woman with limb difference is celebrating a special moment outdoors with her son.
  • Honoring and celebrating the past – creating a ritual
  • On a person’s birthday who has passed, find a way to participate in something they loved
    • Cook their favorite dish, read a book by their favorite author, go on a hike they loved, check in with a loved one of theirs, etc.
    • Celebrating people that have passed away helps honor them. The process of celebration helps with feeling the feelings of the relationship and person. Give yourself permission to create space and move through those feelings.
  • Share gratitude for a friend with that friend
    • Cook them a meal; tell them how much you appreciate and/or love them
  • Celebrate you with self-care
    • How can you prioritize yourself today? Pick out and eat a piece of your favorite fruit; take a hot bath; cook a healthy meal; do something for yourself that you’ve been meaning to do for a while
  • Meals that heal with togetherness
    • Bringing back the idea of ‘Sunday supper’ – a collective meal with family, friends, and/or community. The idea is it’s a shared, home-cooked meal; make it an organized potluck with the goal of a full, healthy meal. This way one person or family isn’t overburdened by creating the full menu or hosting.
      • Have a friend that doesn’t like to cook? They could contribute by doing the dishes! Everyone can find a way to pitch in.

–  Gratitude Practice –  What you get to do; what you have; an act of kindness bestowed upon you; giving back that kindness.

Reflecting & Takeaways 

Often we wait for the next big moment to celebrate life and others. Let’s make celebration a daily practice; we are all in a long-term relationship with ourselves, ‘til death do us part. Life is reason enough to celebrate!      

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Cheers to your health, Alicia

By Alicia Connor, MA / Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Chef

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Author Bio

Alicia Connor a pretty brunette with dark wavy shoulder-length hair wearing a denim jacket as she leans on a kitchen counter with assorted veggies in front of her.
Alicia Connor

Alicia Connor is a registered dietitian nutritionist and chef who is passionate about encouraging lifestyle shifts with a focus on meal planning and simplifying healthy eating. Alicia built a career as a chef, including working at a top San Francisco restaurant.

As a young adult facing hereditary vision loss, she took control and pivoted to another career as a dietitian to grow roots deeper than ‘just cooking.’ She has seen the impact of meal planning and nutrition in her clients over the years, often through their increased energy, empowered weight loss journeys, and freedom to pursue more of their passions due to increased confidence.

Moving away from the mindset of dieting, Alicia helps clients build a toolkit of strategies to reduce stress and increase peace of mind. She supports her clients through one-on-one sessions and a virtual meal planning program to build helpful habits and create actionable plans to meet their goals.‘

Quick & Delish by Alicia Connor’ is a video cooking series on YouTube where Alicia presents easy recipes with minimal steps for flavorful, balanced meals. 

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  • The header is many multi-colored balloons floating in the sky.
  • A woman with limb difference is sharing a special moment outdoors with her son.
  • Author photo: Alicia Connor a pretty brunette with dark wavy shoulder-length hair wearing a denim jacket as she leans on a kitchen counter with assorted veggies in front of her.

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