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What Is A Bold Blind Beauty?

To all my Bold Blind & Beautiful Women Friends and Friends of my Friends…

We are bold as we keep pressing onward. We are blind as we have deeper insight. We are beautiful as we can see to the heart of ourselves and others." Image description is in body of the post.We are extraordinary. We are able to see the world through a spectrum few get to experience. No matter where we fall on the blindness range we have developed skills from self-care to independent living that allow us to take full advantage of our remaining sensory systems.

Among our ranks are poets, ballerinas, teachers, composers, models, pianists, writers, singers, social workers, psychologists, photographers, artists, fashion designers, lawyers, physicians, athletes, chefs, yoga instructors, astrophysicists, chefs, and the list goes on. We chose to soar and continue to thrive beyond physical limitations because we understand there is always a way. We are bold as we keep pressing onward. We are blind as we have deeper insight. We are beautiful as we can see to the heart of ourselves and others.

Bold Blind Beauty wants to shine the spotlight on you. Please feel free to share and image of yourself either with your guide dog, your cane or doing something you enjoy in your own way. You can reach us at for further details.

Image Description: black template with white text shows Abigale (Abby) to the left of the quote. The Abby icon depicted walking with her white cane in one hand, handbag in the other, is white, wearing a stylish white dress and white heels. Her signature hairstyle is best described as explosive.

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Bridging The Gap Through Action

“Tell the negativity committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up.”

Description is in the body of the post.
Abigale (Abby)

A friend of mine shared the much-needed above quote with me yesterday in response to my FB post about how much anxiety I was experiencing as I worked on integrating the new e-commerce component into Bold Blind Beauty. Even though I was unfamiliar with this particular platform, I felt it was a matter of transferring the knowledge I gained from setting up Abigale Style to incorporating it here at Bold Blind Beauty.

So imagine my satisfaction at not only being able to put out the following message but I also placed my first order—YAY!!

Effective immediately we are pleased to announce that Abigail Style, LLC will be officially doing business as Bold Blind Beauty. While we are still testing features on the store & no orders shall be fulfilled at this time, you can find us at Please be patient with us as we work to get things moving smoothly. Thank you!

None of this could happen without the help of my awesome Steering Committee: Holly Bonner, Carla Ernst, Robert Eutz, Sherry Ingram, Lisa Smith, and Amy Wilson. We’ve begun the process of setting up our Strategic Beauty Advisory Board and are very excited about upcoming collaborations. Thank you, gang!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~Confuscious

Have a great Monday everyone!!

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Business & Blogging & Stores, Oh My

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Abigale (Abby)

I am probably in the midst of a meltdown but I want to assure you it’s a good thing! If you recall I mentioned a while back that Bold Blind Beauty would be undergoing some changes and as I write this I’m knee-deep techy heaven.

I’m not going to bore you will all the details but today I was able to integrate an e-commerce component into Bold Blind Beauty (it’s not up and running yet) so I’ll be tinkering around for an indeterminate amount of time testing and tweaking. In the interim, I wanted to share sample merchandise which eventually will be carried in the store. Please keep in mind I am not a photographer and not seeing very well can produce some weird outcomes that look semi alright to me but perhaps not as well to the public.

Description is in the body of the post.One of the things that keep me up at night is how to make life a little more accessible for my blind and visually impaired friends. Depending on our level of sight loss, many of us rely on our other senses to consume information which in turn enables us to view the world a little differently from those who can see.

Providing tactile products is high on my list of priorities and one of many ways to do this is with embroidery, embossing, beading, and other methods. I’m so excited at the prospect of what can be achieved even when I’m sleeping I’m constantly envisioning greater possibilities.

I’m saying all of this to say, if you notice some strange goings-on not too worry, I’ve got it under control.

Image Descriptions:

  1. Abby is wearing a stylish hat, black cold shoulder dress & heels with ankle straps. She is holding a cute teal dress on a hanger in her right hand while her white cane is in her left hand.
  2. White baseball cap and white Polo shirt with Bold Blind Beauty embroidered logo featuring Abby.Who is Abby? Abby is a fashionista who radiates an attitude of hip, laid-back sophistication with a pinch of bravura. Forever on the move, Abby walks boldly in confidence – and of course always with her white cane – providing tips and techniques about the latest styles and fashions exclusively for Bold Blind Beauty.


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Virtual Beauty For Blind & VI Women

Abby's Corner image is described in the body of the post.
Created by Jessica Marano

Hello My Friends,

Can you believe another week has passed? It seems like it was just yesterday we were moving into this past week.

One might think that life as a cartoon character is boring but I have to say my life pretty phenomenal. I mean, think about it, who I am, what I do and who I become is only limited by my creator’s imagination. So if the imagination is boundless there is absolutely nothing I cannot do.

If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.” ~Muhammad Ali

Technology has made what was once impossible possible. Take clothes shopping, for example, gone are the days where we have to go to a physical store to fulfill our retail therapy goals. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy shopping excursions with my gal pals but with such a busy schedule it can be just as convenient to shop online.

As technology continues to evolve it’s my hope that retail websites will become more inclusive from a disability standpoint. For example, many of us who are blind or visually impaired use special tools to assist us in navigating the internet however if a site is poorly designed, inaccessible or there is only minimal description these things make the buying experience less than ideal.

A dream product of mine is a “Mirror Mirror” like in Snow White. Once programmed with data needed to produce a verbal output it could help blind and visually impaired women with the ability to become as adept at makeup application as they so choose.

With adjustments to make them more accessible, virtual dressing rooms like tri Mirror or Dressing Room by Gap, can, in the long run, be beneficial to everyone. Being able to create a personalized avatar, inputting measurements, then trying on clothes, makes the tri Mirror an interesting tool but I’d love to hear input from my totally blind friends. Afterall if verbal feedback isn’t an option this will be an opportunity for us to make our mark.

Image Description: The Abby’s Corner illustration was created by Jessica Marano. I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor with my laptop (complete with my Abby logo on the cover) in my jammies and slippers. On my head, with signature explosive hairstyle intact, is a headset and microphone to allow me to use my accessibility features on my laptop.  My white cane is propped up next to me.

Au revoir! ~Abby