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Capable, Competent & Crushing It

“You’re not blind, you looked at me;” or “What do you mean you’re blind? Who put your make-up on this morning?” or “What do you mean you’re blind? You have kids.” ~Ashley Nemeth,

Close up photo of Ashley wearing her makeup.

Unlike the term “a little bit pregnant,” blindness is not like this. In blindness, there isn’t an “is” or “is not.” There is a wide range in the loss of eyesight (it’s not as simple as seeing or not seeing). For those of us who make the decision to get on with life after sight loss, we learn different methods of accomplishing the tasks we used to do. Anything is possible when we choose not to limit ourselves.

Blindness is not black or white. According to, the estimated percentage of people who are “totally without sight” or no light perception is 15%—the remaining 85% of all individuals with eye disorders have some remaining sight.


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