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By Any Means by V! (Victoria Claire)

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Monthly Beauties

Editor’s Note:

Celebrating others is one way Bold Blind Beauty is breaking barriers. We love promoting the achievements of those within our community. Today, we are pleased to let everyone know that V! aka Victoria Claire in collaboration with Thomas Reid of Reid My Mind, has released her new single “By Any Means.”

In her own words, Victoria shares the meaning behind the song. Enjoy!

By Any Means by V! (Victoria Claire) Out Now

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Beyond Sight Cover

My new single “By Any Means” was written earlier this year. The message within the lyrics is very personal to me but I believe will resonate with others too as it’s about finding your inner strength.

For me, I envision my spirit animal, the she-wolf, with her resilience and primal instinct to survive by any means. I use this to connect to that inner strength that is needed even in the toughest of times. Sometimes you can lose yourself, your identity, your belief, and who you are. That lost feeling can feel isolating and extremely dark, however, we all have that inner strength deep down inside us even if it is buried, it just takes time, patience, and compassion to ourselves to bring out that wolf again.

Image is described in the body of the post.
By Any Means

The song is a very uplifting, upbeat track that will get you dancing. My friend the talented Thomas Reid guest features on this track with his incredibly inspiring message within his raps.

You can buy or stream “By Any Means” on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, Google Music, and YouTube.  I hope you enjoy this track as much as I enjoyed creating it. V!


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  • Header – In Victoria’s photo, she is holding a chrome microphone in both hands. She’s stunning in minimal makeup and is wearing a sleeveless black dress with a keyhole neckline. Her straight blond hair parted in the middle frames her face.
  • Beyond Sight Magazine Cover – The same header photo is on the cover but with a wolf with vivid blue eyes in the background behind Victoria. The masthead is teal with “Beyond Sight Magazine” in black text. The dot on the ‘i’ in ‘sight’ is the eye used for our 2020 Year of Vision Campaign (described HERE). There are 2 lines of text “Victoria Claire” to the left of Victoria’s photo and 3 additional lines that say “By Any Means” to the right. In the bottom left corner is a yellow circle with an illustration of Abby looking at a reflection of herself in a standing mirror. She has on a teal dress and a white hat with a black band. In her right hand is her white cane. And of course, she’s sporting her signature explosive hairstyle (peeping from under her hat in the back), and “Monthly Beauties” is yellow text under the circle.
  • “By Any Means” promo image of a wolve’s eyes. Above and below the image are black banners. On the upper banner is the red and white “V!” logo followed by white text: “By Any Means Feat. Tom Reid.”
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Cover: Daniel Lubiner


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