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Bold Blind Beauty Offers “Rules of The Road”

For Proper Cane Use at White Cane Day

Several White Cane Rules of the Road cards spread out on a tableToday, Bold Blind Beauty is pleased to announce its “White Cane Rules of the Road” initiative. In partnership with the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind, the initiative conveys tips for both blind and visually impaired (B&VI) persons and sighted persons—particularly motorists—to help keep B&VI persons safe whenever they are using their white mobility cane to navigate.

The White Cane Rules of the Road initiative kicks off with a card—printed in large type for low-vision persons, and in braille for blind persons—as part of an information packet about It will début at White Cane Day celebrations in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and Milwaukee Wisconsin.

“With increasing dangers such as quiet, hybrid cars, more complex traffic patterns, and multi-media distractions, it’s imperative that drivers are constantly on the lookout for pedestrians using white canes and dog guides.” ~Susan Lichtenfels, President, Pennsylvania Council of the Blind

Teal and white braille Bold Blind Beauty silicon bracelets, each in its own mesh drawstring gift bag and Bold Blind Beauty business cards.

The card provides tips on how to be safe when using a white cane, and inscribed on the back, are state statutes outlining the proper protocol for motorists when around B&VI cane users. The Bold Blind Beauty tables at each event will have Bold Blind Beauty braille-labeled wristbands, informational packets, and sample promotional items such as mugs and T-shirts from the website. 

In addition to indicating that a person is blind or visually impaired, the long thin white cane, is more than just a mobility tool for blind and vision impaired users. It is also a badge of strength and boldness. It provides the means for us to take back our lives, regardless of where we fall on the sight loss spectrum.” ~Stephanae McCoy

Collage of Bold Blind Beauty informational packets in print, large print and braille. The bottom photo is my Ambutech custom white cane. The grip is neon green, the last section is neon yellow and the rest of the cane is white.

White Cane Safety Day celebrates B&VI people’s achievements in the United States on October 15 every year. It also increases awareness of the white cane traffic safety laws. Following are details for the White Cane Safety Day celebrations in Pittsburgh and Milwaukee.

  • Friday, October 13th 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM in Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Tuesday, October 17th 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM CT Milwaukee County Courthouse, Milwaukee County Courthouse – South Entrance, Milwaukee, WI

If you happen to be in Pittsburgh or Milwaukee on the above dates please stop by the Bold Blind Beauty table to say hello, pick up your White Cane Rules of the Road, and a little swag. For more information about White Cane Rules of the Road visit us online at




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