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The Blind Gypsy, A Makeup Artist & BBB

Abby is on the job sitting cross legged in her PJs (gray bottoms & white top with a gray collar) with a teal Abby logo laptop on her lap. Sporting her signature explosive hairstyle, she is wearing a headset with microphone and her white cane is propped up next to her.

The Blind Gypsy, Makeup Artist & BBB

Image #1 The Blind Gypsy aka Eileen Robinson Eileen is sitting on a red sofa with her cat making a funny face with her wide open mouth and eyes are closed.

Image #1 Eileen is making funny faces with her kitty.

You know the old saying “when the boss is away, the mice will play solitaire?” No? Really? Well, allow me to elaborate. Stephanae aka the ‘boss lady’ is away and I’m in charge. What this means is, I get to make executive decisions. Well, maybe executive decisions might be a little over the top but I digress.

So my boss lady is nice but wow can she be intense. I mean on good days she’s like an over-caffeinated Energizer Bunny. And on bad days? Well, on bad days her energy level is equal to that of a sloth on Xanax.

I’ve told Steph for the longest that she needs to chill and find balance. Finally, after weeks of begging and pleading to my astonishment, she relented and we’ve finally begun building our team.

Now For The Secret:

Please meet our Beauty Advisory Team Leaders. Makeup Artist, Emily Metauten, and Eileen Robinson aka The Blind Gypsy have both been featured here on Bold Blind Beauty. Please, and I can’t stress this enough, please do not let Steph find out that I’ve let the cat out of the bag, okay?

Image #2 Emily Metauten - description is in the body of the post.

Image #2 Emily Metauten – cotton candy/trix yogurt color schemes now and 4ever!!

While I can’t share all our secrets I can tell you that Emily is a freelance makeup artist/licensed cosmetologist and an amazing artist. She is passionate about diversity, advocacy, and is so excited to work with Bold Blind Beauty. Likewise, Eileen, a free-spirit with an excellent sense of humor is so energetic I know we are in good hands with the two of them at the helm.

Both Emily and Eileen are beautiful women who are visually impaired. They also share a desire to change societal perceptions about blind and visually impaired people. They’ve got some fabulous things coming down the pike and I know Steph can hardly wait to get started.

Image #3 Eileen Robinson description is in the body of the post.

Image #3 Eileen Robinson

Photo Descriptions:

  • Image #1 The Blind Gypsy, Eileen Robinson. If you saw the original collage it was a meme. I found out after publishing the  post that the meme was not Eileen. How embarrassing is that for a blind girl mistake? 🤣
  • Image #2 Emily Metauten – Emily is wearing a pink button-up shirt with a white bird all-over pattern and a baby blue bow tie. For her makeup, she is wearing bold black and blue glitter smokey halo eyeshadow, false lashes, baby pink lipstick, and contoured & highlighted skin. Her hair is a light blonde.
    • Makeup:
    • Eyes: @katvondbeauty x @billiejoearmstrong Basket Case eyeliner, blue shades in the @nyxcosmetics Ultimate Brights palette, Gonzo and Chaos in the @urbandecaycosmetics Electric palette, Carly in the @shopvioletvoss Ride or Die palette, Dalla and Zola in the @juviasplace Masquerade palette, @makeupforeverofficial Diamond Powder in White 1, Violet Voss lashes
    • Brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills Dipbrow Pomade and Powder in Blonde, @glossier blonde Boy Brow
    • Face: @katvondbeauty Lock-It Foundation & Concealer Creme and Sombre in the Shade and Light Contour palette, @tartecosmetics Amazonian Clay Bronzer & Blush in Glisten, @anastasiabeverlyhills Gumdrop in the Sugar Glow Kit
    • Lips: @maccosmetics Spice lip liner, @katvondbeauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Melancholia
  • Image #3 Eileen Robinson – Eileen is wearing a white textured top with a pink scarf hanging around her neck. She is wearing dark frame eyeglasses that coordinate with her very dark hair. Her bright pink lip color is a very nice contrast to her ivory complexion dark brows and dark wisps of hair on either side of her face.

You can follow Emily and Eileen on Instagram:


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