Christie Smith | Blind Beauty Issue 34

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Christie Smith | Blind Beauty Issue 34

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is the cause of Christie’s declining eyesight. “Retinitis pigmentosa is a group of eye problems that affect the retina.~American Academy of Ophthalmology

Freedom From Other’s Perceptions

“I “came out” on Instagram and openly shared my story for the world to see and join me in navigating the murky waters of RP. This was such a tremendous step for me because I never let people in on my secret shame and feelings of inadequacy due to my visual impairment and also because I worried so much about what people would think. Never again will I underestimate the greatness inside of me because of the limited thinking inside of others.” ~Christie Smith

Regardless of the reasons behind our sight loss coming terms with it can be a difficult process. Even though intellectually we know we did not cause our eye conditions many of us experience feelings of shame. In addition to adjusting to our fear of blindness and grief from loss, how we are perceived wreaks havoc on our psyche.

While I am thrilled people are opening up about sight loss we still have a long way to go. Since many don’t understand the spectrum of blindness, too many individuals living with sight loss are harassed. When seen using smartphones or reading a book people say we’re faking because we use a white cane. Imagine how it must feel to lose your sight then become a target for bullying because of incorrect assumptions?

It’s no wonder so many of us feel we need to hide our disability. We’d rather people think there is any number of things going on with us rather than sight loss. Just something to think about.

Blind Beauty Issue 34 Featured Image Description:

Featured image is a mock magazine cover titled Blind Beauty. Christie’s cover photo is a stunning black and white image. Always smiling, in this photo, Christie’s hair is swept up from the right leaving the left side curly. She is also wearing large hoop earrings.

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  2. Thank you Diana! I’ve been having all sorts of technical issues over the weekend, hopefully not having the “like” button isn’t one of them. Is this a double negative? Did I just cancel out what I was trying to say? It’s one of those days. LOL

  3. Yeah – it happens every now and then on other sites, where it just keeps saying, “loading.” I don’t know…but yes, Christie is GREAT lol

  4. You know, someone else was having the same issues with the like button. Gotta love WordPress huh? Christie is one of my favorite people, she’s hilarious and such a motivator but yet keeps it real.

  5. Yes, I think about that all the time and actually thought it about it before I lost my sight. I just don’t see a reason to harrass people period. Poking fun at or suggesting to a person that they are faking isn’t my call and knowing what I know now there can be so many other factors that the casual onlooker wouldn’t be aware of. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and if for whatever reason I’m thinking something unkind, I keep my mouth shut.

  6. For some reason, the like button won’t load on my end, sooo I’ll just say, I’m happy to have read Christie’s story and I’m glad she’s moved towards sharing her full self 🙂

  7. It makes me sad to know there is judgement going on just because some people have a preconceived notion of what vision loss should look like. I’m sure they’d feel differently if they were on the other end.

  8. If I forget to thank you for opening my eyes , it’s not because I don’t look for your words each day. I do, and am grateful. Enlightened too. Inspired.

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