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Mara Lauren | Blind Beauty Issue #18

Blind Beauty mock fashion magazing cover. Full image description of Mara Lauren and her baby are in the body of the post.

Mara Lauren | Blind Beauty Issue #18

“To be where I am, able to see my little star’s face, hear his cry and little funny noises.”

~Mara Lauren

New mom, Mara Lauren, is legally blind and losing her eyesight to Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Mara is also losing her hearing to Usher Syndrome. She is a Social Ambassador of #HowEyeSeeIt with Foundation Fighting Blindness and a fellow warrior fighting to bring awareness of blindness. Mara was also featured as a Woman On The Move here at Bold Blind Beauty.

It’s truly such a blessing. God is so good and always has the right time for everything in life. So thankful for this moment and for Him to allow me to be a mother.” ~Mara Lauren

Mara can be followed on Instagram @atemara

Image Description

A faux fashion magazine cover is the featured image. Mara’s beautiful black and white photo shows her in her hospital bed as she lovingly cradles her newborn son. Blocks of text on Mara’s photo: “Bold | She Keeps Pressing Onward; Blind | She Has Deeper Insight; Beautiful | She Sees To The Heart Of Others.” 


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