Maribel Steel | Blind Beauty Issue 10

Blind Beauty Maribel Steel Issue 12

Maribel Steel | Blind Beauty Issue 10

“As every artist knows and experiences, with persistence comes the magic of completion and the joy of accomplishment. Losing my sight gradually over thirty-five years has given me time to develop a clearer vision of who I am, so I also design presentations as a creative way to share my insights on the journey towards blindness.”

Description: Featured image is a mock magazine cover titled Blind Beauty. Closeup of Maribel on the cover smiling for the camera, in black crew neck top and multi-colored beaded necklace, her long hair cascading over her shoulders while she stands in front of a blue painting.

Blocks of text superimposed on Maribel’s photo are: “Bold | She Keeps Pressing Onward,” “Blind | She Has Deeper Insight,” “Beautiful | She Sees To The Heart Of Others”


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