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Blind Beauty 71 | Amy Wilson

Blind Beauty 71 Amy Wilson featured image description is in the body of the post.

Blind Beauty 71 | Amy Wilson

Your confidence can affect so many different aspects of your life. From getting that amazing job to finding the person of your dreams. Or worse, staying with someone who doesn’t deserve you because you think you can’t do better.

~Amy Wilson, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Who Cares How I Look?

Time after time people say to me, “who cares if I wear makeup or use skin care products?”  Well, I’m going to share something with you, a lot of people do.

It’s one thing to be confident in yourself, I get that, and it can go along way. However, there is something to be said for a person who is well put together. Whether it’s just well taken care of skin or a full-face of makeup. It matters.

Here Is Why…..

The First Reason:

Whether you like it or not people judge. Even those of us who are totally blind or have low vision judge people. Everyone judges, it’s an unfortunate fact of life.

You get judged by the person at the checkout at Wall-Mart, people who drive past you, co-workers, fellow students and many more. People want to look at things that are enjoyable. They want to smell pleasant things and they want to interact with people who make them feel good.

Now you are probably thinking how the heck does this have anything to do with makeup, lady? Here it is, when you take care of your skin and it’s healthy looking and feeling, that builds your confidence. Even if you don’t feel it right away it does. When you receive a compliment about your glowing skin, you will for sure feel it then.

When you add some makeup, even if it’s Basic Jane looks you will feel more confident.

The Second Reason:

You lack confidence in yourself or your ability to take care of your skin or apply makeup.

Your confidence can affect so many different aspects of your life. From getting that amazing job to finding the person of your dreams. Or worse, staying with someone who doesn’t deserve you because you think you can’t do better. I have been there myself. I can’t count how many relationships I stayed in because I thought so little of myself. Man, that was hard to write, but its the truth.

Don’t settle in your life when you’re unhappy. Do something different. And yes it will scare the crap out of you. But life happens outside your comfort zone. I was reminded of that fact just today. I did something that would move my Mary Kay business forward big time and it scared the hell out of me. That told me I needed to do it.

If you lack confidence putting on makeup―Take A Class!!!! There are several different videos and in-person classes you can watch or attend in-person. I do live videos and Zoom video classes about two or three times a week where you can learn and ask questions right away. Since I haven’t been able to use a mirror for years, I do ALL my makeup with NO mirror. So you can learn from someone who understands your struggle.

The Third Reason

You should care. Care about yourself, your appearance and how people view you.

Care about yourself above everything else cuz no one will take care of you but you. You set the standard of how you want to be treated. It took me many years to learn this lesson. I let people treat me how they wanted to and then I was surprised when I felt like crap. I just wanted people to be friends with me, after all, I was that poor blind girl so friends were limited. Note, I said was?

Once I began caring about myself and how others treated me, my life changed. At first, it was hard. Not all those people who took advantage of me were around but then something happened. I found people who treated me with respect. It takes adjustment but is it so worth it.

Once you begin practicing caring for yourself then you want to up your game on your appearance. Because ultimately you feel the need to look as great as you feel.

Now don’t go thinking I’m telling you to go from zero to a hundred on the makeup thing. That’s too much work, lol. What I am saying is to start small.

Girl wash your face, put on some foundation and either lipstick or cream eye shadow. This is all I did for years. You have to start somewhere.


Now going back to caring how people view you. I’m guessing like most people on the planet there’s something you want and you probably can’t do it alone? Yup, here’s the thing:

  • you can’t get that job,
  • land that hot guy,
  • start your own business
  • or just make some friends without people looking at you and your appearance.

The whole world is not blind. We don’t live in that kind of a world, but if it was it would be an interesting place. Anyway back on topic, lol.

Now for me, my appearance is a massive part of my job. No one wants to buy beauty products from someone who wears sweatpants, never wears makeup or has bad skin. Not that I don’t wear sweatpants when I’m at home—like all the time, lol. When I leave my house though I AM my business.

Not only am I my business but I am a representative for our blind community. That’s right you represent your fellow community. If you’re not blind I promise there is another community you represent. So represent it strong and with pride. Let’s show the world our #BlindPeoplePossiabilities.

I truly hope this article is helpful to you. One of my biggest missions in life is to build confidence and courage in others.

My Mary Kay is more than just products. It’s about allowing people to find themselves, grow and spread across the world like beautiful Wildflowers. If you’re interested in getting to know more about me, you can find me on Facebook under Amy Wilson. You can also join my Facebook group called Wilson’s Wildflowers to check out FREE classes and videos.

Connecting With Amy:

Blind Beauty 71 | Amy Wilson Featured Image Description:

Featured image is a faux fashion magazine cover titled Blind Beauty. Amy’s image on the cover is black & white.
She is smiling in this photo as a first-time attendee at the 2018 Mary Kay Seminar. Her sunglasses are on top of her head and she has a strand of pearls around her neck. Blocks of text superimposed on Amy’s photo say: “Bold–She Keeps Pressing Onward, Blind–She Has Deeper Insight, Beautiful–She Sees To The Heart Of Others.” “Real Beauty Transcends Barriers.” “Makeup Trends for 2019–How To Maintain A Flawless Look”


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