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Telly Velazquez | Blind Beauty 55

Blind Beauty 55 Telly Velazquez featured image is described in the body of the post.

Telly Velazquez | Blind Beauty 55

“My cane does not define me, it empowers me”

Telly Velazquez

When we wholly embrace ourselves, including our disabilities, we are making a conscious choice. The choice to move forward, to break down barriers begins internally and this is our power. You can clearly see this process in what Telly says below.

Telly Velazquez image description is in the body of the post.
Telly Velazquez

For so long I was afraid to use my cane. It was almost as if I was scared to admit to myself I was losing my vision and by using the cane I was giving in. My cane honestly made me feel stronger than I had in years and freer also. Although, people stare I don’t care because I know what using my cane has done for me.

Blind Beauty 55 Featured Image Description:

Featured image is a new faux fashion magazine cover titled Blind Beauty. Telly’s image on the cover is black & white. Telly looks like a model with her hair pulled back as she leans back against a tree holding her white cane. She is wearing a light jacket, jeans, and a v-neck top. 

Blocks of text superimposed on Telly’s photo are: “Bold–She Keeps Pressing Onward, Blind–She Has Deeper Insight, Beautiful–She Sees To The Heart Of Others.” “Real Beauty Transcends Barriers.” “Makeup Trends for 2019–How To Maintain A Flawless Look”

Additional Image:

Picture of Telly out paddle boarding at sunrise.


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