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Beauty Is A Tapestry Of Inclusivity

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“Oh, Look She Knows Where She’s Going!”

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Have you ever left your house feeling so good that nothing could bring you down? You know, those days when you’re sporting a new hairdo, outfit, manicure, or you’re just feeling flat-out fabulous?

Recently, I had such a day. The weather was gorgeous and I was so looking forward to lunching with several friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

After my ride dropped me off, and I headed to the meeting place I heard a woman say “Oh, look she knows where she’s going!” An innocent enough comment and I suppose it didn’t have to be about me, after all, there were a number of people milling about the outdoor plaza. However, since I heard it just as I passed by slightly irked me.

I mean here I was, all decked out in my new cork mules, coordinating top, white jeans, and gray hooded vest. Granted my mules were a tad high and I get how the idea of heels and white cane use may seem incongruous but could there be more to the story?

What the person didn’t know about me was number 1, yes, I knew where I was going because I worked there for 13 years. Number 2 the significance of the white cane doesn’t mean a person can’t hear.

Description in body of post.

One of the core messages of Bold Blind Beauty is transcending barriers by changing the way we perceive one another. The only way to achieve this goal is by sharing our stories, getting out there and living.

All too often we make assumptions and come to conclusions without knowing the full story. Social media help fuel a massive amount of misunderstandings because people don’t read an entire message, take it out of context or believe something simply because it’s posted. It is so easy to have our say with a couple of keystrokes it almost seems like we forget the targets of our comments are human.

People with disabilities are human, people without disabilities human, people with deformities are human, people without deformities are human, people of different cultures, races, rich, poor, overweight, underweight, young, old, tall, short, well, sick are all human.

Could we try to think before we speak or hit a key on the keyboard? While I know there are many who wouldn’t agree, this world is beautiful because of its diversity.

What I Wore:

Sleeveless navy top with tiny polka dots, white jeans, navy cork block heeled mules, light gray hooded vest, silver jewelry, and my white cane. In the photos, I am standing in front of my counter.

A different world cannot be built by indifferent people. ~Peter Marshall

Have a great day!


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