Beauty In “Strength” UPDATE:

After I posted pictures of my bracelet on Instagram I received a note from a friend of a friend who had a bad experience with Ashley Bridget. Keeping an open mind I asked questions then went back to the site to check out the store policies. In doing so I noticed a disturbing amount of poor reviews. I’m not sure if the reviews were due to them being overwhelmed during the holidays but I wanted to post a notice here to inform anyone who may be thinking of making a purchase. On a positive note, I had no issues with my order and actually received it a few days after my purchase. 

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~Harriet Tubman

Image description is in the post. I was so excited to receive my Ashley Bridget “Strength” braille bracelet yesterday. It was during the holiday season when I first saw these beautiful bracelets I silently promised to get one for myself at a later date.

Image: Trio of photos includes bracelet, packaging (box & drawstring mesh gift bag, and certificate of authenticity). Silver plated bangle bracelet with 8 silver plated braille alphabet charms that spell out “Strength.”

This beautiful piece of bling reminds me that there is no shame to be had with sight loss. I am so thankful to be living in a #blindnewworld. The key word being “living” because as long as I’m breathing I will continue spreading my message of hope, inclusion, accessibility, and equality for all.


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20 thoughts on “Beauty In “Strength” UPDATE:

  1. You’re very kind, Steph. Thank you for the encouragement. In a related aside, I support small, family-owned businesses as much as I can. Quite a few of them partner with Amazon or other selling platforms to get their products out. Many of these small businesses have great products. If they don’t have enough staff or don’t understand how to connect with their customers, it is obvious in the pace of delivery and communication. Hopefully, they will learn from experience but they also need a chance to do something good for their customers. I think with bigger businesses, it is best to talk to customer service first. They should be setting an example for smaller enterprises.

  2. Amen to all that Bruce! Typically I will look at the reviews but, depending on the circumstances, seldom make a decision based upon them. These particular reviews are collected and maintained by a third party. When attempting to get to the company’s reviews on their site there is a “500” error message. One of the things I’ve been fond if saying lately is: The good thing about social media hives everyone a voice. The bad thing about social media is everyone has a voice. It seems the days of diplomacy and respect has sadly gone by.

  3. The “reviews” and “comments” sections are always tricky to navigate aren’t they Steph? You would like to think people who have had good business experiences would take the time to note that…but I think not so much these days. I think some – and I can’t really argue their point – feel if a business does what you paid them to do that’s why they’re in business in the first place and do not need further praise. But…that kind of changed now that everyone can comment on everything to everybody. It used to be bad word-of-mouth on a business experience was just that, by talking to people one at a time. Now you can “blast” your distain for a business to the universe with a few keystrokes and people love doing just that these days when they’ve had a bad experience. I read them only as a part of the evaluation as to whether to deal with the companies in question. Buyer beware but in some cases you need to beware of some of the buyers’ comments. May not give you the whole picture.

  4. I agree with you and leaving a review while angry skews our objectivity. I do plan on leaving a positive. Most of the reviews on this site were positive but it appears with the recent ones going back to November that something my have occurred preventing the company to keep up with demand.

  5. I agree with you SB. I think it’s okay to leave a constructive unsatisfactory review but you’re right, while we have a right to be upset when things don’t go as expected but being mean spirited without objectivity solves nothing. And I’ve done the same as you by taking up the issue with the seller directly, getting resolution and then being able to leave a review of the entire experience. There is only one time where it was such a bad situation, working with the retailer was awful and I ultimately had to report them. And you’re right many times it’s things beyond the retailer’s control. I had this happen to me a couple of times where I immediately responded to the customer letting them know the status of the order per the tracking number and I let them know to contact me if they didn’t receive their goods by the anticipated delivery date. Communication is so important and can resolve issues before they become major blowouts. But even so my stomach churns when an issue arises out of my control. Truth is everyone can not be pleased no matter what you do so if you’ve dreamed of being a retailer, like Nike, just do it SB. 👍

  6. Thank you Peta. Yes, I’ve heard of competitors and people even being paid to write bad reviews. And I think it’s safe to say we all know it’s way too easy to air our grievances as opposed to sharing our positive experiences. Part of me thinks something happened during a specific time frame. The only one that really bothered me was what happened to my good friend’s friend. Apparently there was a delay with lack of communication on my friend’s delivery but one of the bracelets her friend gifted broke and after communicating this with the company the service received was not good and they wouldn’t stand by their product. I will leave a positive review in my experience but I can’t speak to customer service at this point because I didn’t have to contact them. I do hope whatever happened can be turned around.

  7. The bracelet is very pretty. Perhaps you should go back to the site and leave a positive review. I think people tend to actually take the time to review an item if they are upset about something and want the world to know. If they are happy with a product, but it isn’t really, really outstanding for some reason, they just don’t review it. So, a preponderance of reviews will be negative. Just my opinion.

  8. This post reminds me why I am always changing my mind about being a retailer. I have seen negative reviews for really good products, and it was obvious the reviewer was being mean-spirited. That is why I either leave no review or leave conscientious reviews for products. If I have an issue with a seller, I take it up with them personally because I never take out my frustrations on someone who is not the cause of it. Especially with shipping. Often, it’s not the seller’s fault that a product arrives after the date expected.

  9. I am too but a friend told me of a bad experience with this company so I had to check out their reviews. I’ve gone through 6 pages of almost total negative reviews.What’s even weirder is I typically check reviews before buying anything and this is the one time I didn’t and I had a good experience – go figure🤔

  10. Thanks Camie. When I saw them about a month ago I thought they were so pretty. The company has some nice stuff but this is the first thing I’ve bought from them.

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