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Beautiful Handbeaded Braille Apparel

Beautiful Handbeaded Braille Apparel header image is described in the body of the post.


Handbeaded Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Hey Everyone it’s Steph. I really hadn’t planned on publishing anything today. Then I received a package in the mail from Aille Design. Check out Abby’s interview with founder, Alexa Jovanovic, in Braille + Fashion = Beautiful Inclusive Design to learn more about this fabulous woman.

Since I’ve been really good at abstaining from buying new clothes today’s delivery was an extra special treat. What immediately caught my eye after I opened the outer wrapping was the presentation. Aille Design’s founder, Alexa Jovanovic demonstrates care and attention to detail in the way the items were prepared. From her personalized handwritten thank you note, to the braille tissue and cards attached to each item it was so lovely. Here’s what was on the cared:

  • Tee braille reads: “Fashion is for everyone
  • Mask braille reads: “I love your mask
  • Additional info on each card: Handbeaded with Swarovski Crystal Pearls, the Braille is fully legible and created alongside blind and visually communities. Also includes washing instructions for each piece.
Outdoor photo of Steph standing beside the bench.

For The Love of Braille Bling

I adore bling and Aille Design is so appealing to me because of the creative use of beading as legible braille. So while most days the past few months have been makeup-free, I mean seriously what’s the point? At any rate, today I could put on my face sans lip color, because, you know, face mask.

This red mask is so pretty with the braille beads right along the bridge of the nose. Since the majority of my wardrobe is shades of black and gray the bright pop of red livened my day. If you have to wear a face mask why not make a statement while doing so?

Before I even received my tee I’d already imagined styling it multiple ways. Today I wore it with all black leggings, blazer, knee-boots, and leather leaf earrings. And of course, my outfit wouldn’t be complete without my black cane. Can hardly wait to wear it with jeans, skirts, slacks. This one is going to get a lot of wear.

What are your thoughts on braille fashion?

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Image Descriptions:

  • The header image is a tri-panel with 1) the tee and mask atop the opened tissue, 2) an outdoor photo of Steph sitting on a bench, 3) tissue wrapped tee, and mask.
  • Tri-panel contains the same images as in the header.
  • Photo of Steph standing in front of the bench.

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