New Year New Beauty: 3 Tips to Get Started 

New Year New Beauty: 3 Tips to Get Started  Beauty Editor’s Note: Happy New Year Bold Blind Beauty community! I love when the new year begins, it is like a refresh and renewal for me. I’m always anticipating what new and exciting things are to come in the new year. Give yourself a fresh startContinue reading “New Year New Beauty: 3 Tips to Get Started “

5 Winter Hair Trends For This Holiday Season

Beauty Buzz/Blog Biz | 5 Winter Hair Trends For This Holiday Season  Beauty Editor’s Note: Since everybody is starting to gather together for the holiday season you might want to try something new with your do. Have fun! And let the festivities commence! Dana  Get ready to turn heads with a new hairstyle as youContinue reading “5 Winter Hair Trends For This Holiday Season”

3 Thoughtful Gifting Tips For The Season

Beauty Buzz/Blog Biz | 3 Thoughtful Gifting Tips For The Season Beauty Editor’s Note: The holiday season is upon us and it’s a time to celebrate with family and friends. It is also an opportunity to celebrate birthdays and graduations that also occur during this time. In the midst of your busyness don’t forget toContinue reading “3 Thoughtful Gifting Tips For The Season”

Azulene Oil Discovered Out Of The Blue 

Beauty Buzz/Blog Biz | Azulene Oil Beauty Editors Note: I discovered Azulene Oil when I worked in a Day Spa. Never heard of it until then but I bought this oil on a regular basis while I was working there. You might want to check it out. ~Dana Hinnant “Unless you’re allergic to a specific oil,Continue reading “Azulene Oil Discovered Out Of The Blue “

It’s NDEAM Work It Beauty❣ 

Beauty Buzz/Blog Biz | It’s NDEAM Work It Beauty❣  Beauty Editor’s Note: October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). EVERYONE can benefit from the beauty tips in this post because the products that I mention I have personally purchased and used.  It is a new season, the perfect time to get a fresh start.Continue reading “It’s NDEAM Work It Beauty❣ “

Fall Forward Beauty Trends 2021

Beauty Buzz/Blog Biz | Fall Forward Beauty Trends 2021  Man… Labor Day was barely here before pumpkin drinks started popping up in the coffee shops. You know what that means, it’s fall y’all! Here are some of the fall beauty trends that you might fall in love with.  Eyes Wide Open The focus is stillContinue reading “Fall Forward Beauty Trends 2021”


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