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America’s Top Guide/Hearing Dog of the Year

America's Top Guide Dog featured image description is in the body of the post.

America’s Top Guide/Hearing Dog of the Year

Thanks to you and others around the country, Frances is a finalist to become American Hero Dog of the Year.

Recently, I shared a post about Guide Dog Frances being a semi-finalist in the National Hero Dog Award ContestI was thrilled to publish an article to raise awareness of the importance of Frances’ role in her handler’s life. And now, thanks in part to you, Frances is a finalist who could become the 2018 American Hero Dog of the Year.

Congratulations to Holly Bonner (Blind Motherhood) and her guide dog, Frances, of Staten Island, New York. Frances won the distinction of being the nation’s Top Guide/Hearing Dog of the year. The pair is one of seven remarkable canines who are finalists in the 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards®.

The awards gala, sponsored by the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation and Zoetis Petcare, will broadcast as a two-hour special on Hallmark Channel this fall. Holly and Frances are being recognized for their advocacy work on behalf of blind parents across the nation. This dynamic duo now needs our help! Vote for them 1 time per day until September 5th, 2018.  Click the link below to cast your voteAll you need to do is enter your email address and zip code.

America’s Top Guide/Hearing Dog Featured Image:

Franny is sitting looking directly at the camera with her deep soulful eyes. She has the sweetest face and her eyes seem all-knowing. A pink decorative necklace with colorful pompoms is around her neck.

To win the NATIONAL TITLE OF HERO DOG For The US – we need to vote for Frances once a day from now until September 5th.  

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  1. Hi Oneta, it’s so great hearing from you. The classification Frances falls under is listed on the website hosting the competition. I can see why you’d be confused as I was at first. Thanks for asking and yes, Holly is blind and Frances is a guide dog. I’ll update the post with a note of clarification. Thank you for asking.💗

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