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Ambassador Program

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Bold Blind Beauty’s “BLIND” Ambassador Program is all about leadership and vision. Our current extraordinary Ambassadors are Bold Leaders Illuminating New Directions™ (BLIND) with A.I.R. (Access, Inclusion, and Representation).

In addition to representing the brand virtually and at in-person events, the Ambassadors are passionate advocates who believe in the Bold Blind Beauty philosophy. In exchange for a few hours of their time each month they receive Bold Blind Beauty swag and have the opportunity to amplify their voices through our social platforms.

All BLIND Ambassadors promote a message of real beauty, including hope, empowerment, and acceptance. Our Ambassadors understand that real beauty acknowledges the value of a person regardless of anything that might set them apart from others i.e. race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, abilities/disabilities, etc. Real beauty is inclusive and accepts and embraces people where they are, as they are. 

All BLIND Ambassadors are Bold Blind Beauty Believers and fully embrace our mission, values, and the messaging behind our products. All Ambassadors follow our Bold Blind Beauty social media accounts and engage with our followers by actively participating in conversations on our social media platforms.  

All BLIND Ambassadors promote our products gifted and/or purchased from the Bold Blind Beauty Boutique. We are especially interested in meaningful and authentic reviews in short video clips that can be shared on social media.

All BLIND Ambassadors have positive influential power to draw more support for inclusion and opportunities for Bold Blind Beauty. Connecting, empowering, and breaking barriers through A.I.R. (Access, Inclusion, and Representation) are the Bold Blind Beauty priorities. 


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