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Abigale The Poem

Abigale by Jazmin Ruiz

Poem & Image described in blog post
Jazmin Ruiz | A Poet’s Lines

This poem by a good friend of mine, and another “Woman on the Move,” Jazmin Ruiz of the blog A Poet’s Lines really touched my heart because she very eloquently captures what Abigale represents.

Image: the poem is in white text against a transparent black column overlaid on a background of fashionable women silhouettes walking in one direction and Abigale facing the women walking in the opposite direction.


As she steps forth to face the crowds
Some will stare, some will pass.
Captures attention as she goes
What do they really know?

She walks on by, her head held high
Opinions form in minds.
Some only see the stick she holds
What do they really know?

With cane in hand she proves she’s strong.
Breaking through opinions
She’s changing minds, she’s changing views
Shows them what they should know.


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