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Abby’s Wind Down Wednesday: Fall 2020

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Editor’s Note:

Hey, guys. It’s me, Abby. I hope you’re all having a fabulous Wednesday!

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve been working really hard finding all kinds of tips and tricks to share with my beauties! So set a reminder for every Wednesday, I will be coming out to share my wonderful hump day finds!

The Color of Fall

Image is described in the body of the post
Passage Cardigan

As the sunsets on Summer, we carry the memories we created with us and enter into the wonder of Fall. Personally, it is one of my favorite seasons! We get to experience new textures, mix long sleeves into our wardrobe, and bring out our own personal style. What about color? Have you ever wondered how the runway is able to showcase different expressions through color and design?

Let me introduce you to the Pantone Institute! Each year the Pantone Institute sets the stage for the trending colors for their creative minds to set the stage for the runway! This Fall, you can expect to see a range of reds, from mandarin red to a burnt red, that gives a earthy feel without losing the classic statement of red. We can also expect to see softer colors like almond, oatmeal, and muted blues and greens. It is a time for us to explore our personal style with mixing and matching. I have included a great article here to give you an overview of Fashion Fun:

What does fashion mean to me as a blind woman?

Fashion is an expression and I love that it is a place where I have full control of how I want to “show-up.” When I step into my closet I have a range of suits to active gear that still gives me the bounce in my step! How did I get here? Well, I started by checking in and seeing how I am feeling when it is time to build on what I need that day to match or elevate my mood. If you see me decked out in a range of sparkle and bold colors, you can bet I needed a lift in spirit. In our current climate of zoom and mask-wearing, how does one get that expression of fashion? All questions I have asked myself along the way. I come back to the same answer prior to COVID 19. What I wear has a direct effect on my production at work, my mood, and my confidence level. Trust me, I love my yoga pants, but do I need them every day? Personally, no, as I have fun jeans and colors that are feeling neglected. Yes, I just gave my clothes feelings! Smiles!

The point being, we live in a world that is so full of color and we all have our own unique style that we can harness and elevate to the next level. What does color mean to you? Lets get a lively conversation on this topic!

Keeping it real, keeping it natural, keeping it lovely one cane tap at a time! ~Abby

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Image Descriptions:

  • Image credit Cindy Jancich Cabi Stylist
  • Our lovely model, Melody Goodspeed is posing in a CABI Jacket. The Citizen Jacket looks like it is the Pantone color Saffron
  • Melody Goodspeed is wearing a CABI sweater. The Passage Cardigan looks like it is probably the Pantone color Flame Scarlet

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