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Abby’s Top 10 Tips On Nail Care For Blind & VI Women

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Abby’s Corner | Nail Polish Tips For Blind/VI Women

Six generic bottles of nail color in a range of colors from light to dark pink, red, white and yellow.


I hope this week has been a pleasant one and you’re ready to enjoy the weekend. Earlier in the week, I was asked how a totally blind or partially sighted person could be taught to do their own nails. So I put together a list of helpful tips, some of which could be beneficial to anyone:

  1. Patience – and a steady hand is my number one tip for anyone wanting to learn how to polish their own nails. Practice and preparation with helpful tools make the process a little easier.
  2. Tools – tray, task lamp, polish remover, cotton swabs, petroleum jelly, nail polish. Using a tray to contain spills as well a surface for painting nails keeps workspace tidy. Keep polish remover on hand for accidents.
  3. Petroleum jelly – applied with cotton swabs on the outer edges and base of nails. This prevents polish from adhering to skin, once it’s dry simply wipe off.
  4. Nail protectors – stencils that protect the skin from polish. I found these on Amazon: DancingNail
  5. Elmer’s glue – use Elmer’s around the nail bed. Let it dry for a few minutes. Polish nails, let dry and then peel off the Elmer’s.
  6. White vinegar – wiping nails with white vinegar before painting provides a smooth application and longevity of polish.
  7. Refrigerate polish – 15 minutes prior to use. Helps the polish to go on smoother and you’ll feel it if any gets on your skin.
  8. Toe separators or cotton balls – Can be used to keep fingers separated.
  9. Application – paint nails in three even brush strokes beginning in the center of the nail then the two sides.
  10. Nail wraps Jamberry

Keeping in mind the nail salon may not be an option for many reasons, with lots of practice and the desire to learn, you too can become adept at painting your nails. Do you have any tips to share? We’d love to hear them.

Au revoir! ~Abby

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The header and additional image are two different photos of six generic bottles of nail color in a range of colors from light to dark pink, red, white and yellow.

11 thoughts on “Abby’s Top 10 Tips On Nail Care For Blind & VI Women”

  1. I have been wanting to paint my nails for the longest time but always shy away from it because I don’t want to deal with the mess- but I never thought of covering my fingers with something so I don’t have to worry about getting polish on my fingers! Thanks for this article, I’m getting more into fashionable stuff and it helps loads 🙂

  2. Hi Carly, I’m hanging in there, trying to hang onto what little sanity I have lol. Honestly I have to give props to those of you who paint your nails. I wasn’t good at it when I could see and back then when I received my first manicure, well…I couldn’t go back to doing my own. For those who enjoy it or just want to experiment I thought some of these might be useful. Thanks for popping in.

  3. Hello Steph.
    How are you?
    Well, as you know, I am not blind, but I do happen to be absolutely rubbish at painting my nails! I always end up getting polish all over my fingers, and usually end up stripping varnish off a table when I knock over nail polish remover! I will definitely be trying your petroleum jelly tip!
    Hope you are well. Take care

  4. also: colors of polish matter.
    clear base with sone kinds of glitter are awesome and will be more forgiving of accidental painted skin, chips after some days of wear and tear etc. so you can also do your bails less often and still look good. there is a big selection of these kind of nail polish colors – a good reason to bring a friend with shopping or ask for assistance in finding some nice colors. and it’s ok to be bold in describing what kind of colors you want or like. “with sparkles in the colors of midnight/autumn leaves/aurora borealis/summery fruits/that go well with this shirt i’m wearing” etc.
    with solid colors, some will last longer looking clean and even than others. even if using the same brand. and with darker or any huge contrast to your skin, those nail shape aids will be useful (which will also be useful if you have a bit of shaky hands).
    i’d also suggest cutting your nails to desired length between removing old polish and adding a new one. I like mine really short,
    many polishes can look and feel better after two coats of color. ten minutes between is good for making sure they are dry.
    oh and there are also clear polishes that add only a bit of shine, no color. those can also be a nice option to use like the sparkly ones. less worrying about precision and great for summer.

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