Abby’s Top 5 Summer Sneakers

Abby’s Favorite Summer Sneakers

Who’s ready for the weekend? I am sure am!

I love my heels but when it’s leisure time my footsies enjoy the soothing comfort of a good pair of sneakers. Today I’m going to share a few of my favorites and a couple of outfit ideas. Let’s get to it.

First up we have the lace-up Nike Mayfly Woven Sneaker, a perfect run about town shoe. After doing some window shopping with a couple of friends on a beautiful Saturday morning how about lunch at an outdoor café? The unique looking Arctic pink (nude) shoe in the picture features woven details on the upper to allow for breathability.

Outfit Idea 1

  • Casual navy & white striped dress
  • Denim jacket
  • Nude sneakers
  • Straw fedora
  • Straw tote bag
  • Shades

There is no better way to begin the day, after coffee, than a trip to the gym. Who am I kidding? These solid white leather low-top Adidas Superstar Classic Sneakers with striped sides and workout outfit are strictly for fashion purposes.

Outfit Idea 2

  • Black shorts
  • Black tank
  • White sneakers
  • White ball cap
  • Drawstring backpack
  • Shades
  • Water bottle

One of the things I like most about HSN (Home Shopping Network) is they way they describe their products. More retailers could take a page from their book.

As soon as I saw these silver/tan Naturalizer Morrison Classic Lace-Up Sneakers I knew they were meant to have a new home with me. So naturally, I had to take them on an outing to the zoo.

Outfit Idea 3

  • White skinny jeans
  • B&w striped top
  • Silver crossover bag
  • Silver sneakers
  • Shades

Who doesn’t love a crisp white pair of sneaks? The Reebok Classic Sneakers and Adidas By Raf Simons both fit the bill. Keeping several pairs of white sneakers ensures that I’ll always have pristine shoes.

What are your favorite types of sneakers? Do you go for prints and funky colors? I’d love to hear about your faves.

Have a nice weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Abby’s Top 5 Summer Sneakers

  1. Please don’t let my pictures fool you. When I’m working here at home on my computer I look all sorts of silly but boy do I feel comfortable.

  2. Wish I had your fashion sense. I usually just wear my running shoes, even if they don’t match my outfit. You would probably cringe at my wardrobe.

  3. Sadly I don’t have converse in my wardrobe, they’re on my list. My sketchers are so comfortable my feet feel like they’re walking on pillows.

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