Abby’s Swag|Open for Business!!

Blind Chicks With Attitude Black Tee with white ink

Abby’s Swag|Open for Business!!


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Stephanae. From the moment she laid eyes on the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz she was in love. Enchanted by shoe’s magical spell this set her on a journey to her personal style.

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As with most heroines, Stephanae reached the point where she was “living the dream.” Her three boys were now men, she earned a promotion at work, bought her first home, and owned her dream vehicle. Then one day her life was turned on its head—she lost her eyesight!

Life was over… or so she thought.

After an adjustment period, our heroine continued with her career, found ways to maintain her fashion sense, and became a better advocate. Due to a lack of general awareness about blindness and the capabilities of blind people, Stephanae tapped into her alter-ego–Abby. Abby has sight loss, uses a white cane yet she is confident and fabulously chic.

“Blindness is not always obvious. For us to transcend barriers we must change the way we perceive one another. ” 


The End??

Nah, It’s Only The Beginning

The past few weeks have been pretty intensive updating Bold Blind Beauty’s Abby’s Swag. Learning along the way has been equally exciting, frustrating, and fulfilling. 

Since empowerment is especially important for blind and visually impaired women, Abby’s Swag is a positive, pretty, and powerful voice. Abby projects a sense of humor to communicate an important message that inspires awareness.

Featured Image Description:

A heavy cotton, classic fit ladies scoop-neck Blind Chicks With ATTITUDE! tee-shirt. An Abby trio is front and center on the tee. Directly under the trio is the slogan and “ATTITUDE” is braille (non-tactile).

Have a fabulous day! ~Steph

10% of all profits are donated to organizations who work to improve employment opportunities for people who are blind & visually impaired.

~Bold Blind Beauty


  1. BRILLIANT!! this is just amazing, and classy, well done!!

  2. Thank you Cameron. It’s so exciting to finally find a way to use the image of Abigail to bring awareness to the issue of sight loss in a mainstream fashion.

  3. We always have choices in life. We can “wollow” in self pity or recognize the value in human life and pursue a path that brings purpose and passion to our lives. It is clear which path you have chosen.
    Wishing you much success on your new venture and continued personal growth and development in life.

  4. Thank you Suzy *hugs* And please you can call me Steph 😀 Now for the hard part, keeping my sanity while doing some serious multitasking. Have a great Monday Suzy 😀

  5. Thank you Ngobesing for your very kind comment. I’m looking forward to the challenge of changing minds. Have a wonderful day!!

  6. Yay! Open for Business. Congrats Steph, I wish you success as you continue to inspire me. Love love the designs, I’ll be checking the store. Well done, and do give yourself a pat on the back:-)

  7. Steph, this is wonderful and how excited you must be. Good luck, have fun and congratulations! 🙂

  8. Right! I can’t imagine what she’d do elsewhere, even in a large city like where I live (Jacksonville), it’s not quite as up to date with accessibility.

  9. Awe bless her heart. I think the older we get the more difficult it can be when losing eyesight but it sounds like she’s maintaining. She’s fortunate to live in an accessible city, there’s some real horror stories on people with disabilities who do not have access to public transportation.

  10. She’s nearing 95. If I had to judge, I’d say not too well because she loves to read and shop and dress real fly, but at the same time I’d say she’s okay because she’s accepted the idea that she cannot see, so she reads books on tape, has other tools, like a huge magnifying glass, etc., uses public transportation for elderly people (she’s in Chicago, so it’s accessible), and she still dresses pretty fly 😉

  11. Thank you Kathy!! How is your aunt coping if you don’t mind my asking? The reason I’m asking is that I’ve spoken with a few people who are going through some form of sight loss and they aren’t aware of all the help that is available for them.

  12. How about ..My Friend is Bold Blind and Beautiful….Congrats

  13. Congratulations on your new store front! May it prosper and enhance your life and the lives of others in enormous ways!

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