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A Lil’ Inspiration #30

Want To Be Outstanding? Wear Confidence

“It’s not about what size you wear. It’s about how you wear your size.”

Abigail (Abby) is in the background of the text with her white cane and handbag.

You can be a size 2 and be totally uncomfortable in the clothes you wear. Likewise, you can be a size 22 and be completely at ease in your attire.

Being comfortable in your skin is the first step to confidence. Let your confidence be the determining factor in how you present yourself to the world. When you are able to confidently let your true self shine through, appearance becomes secondary.

Have a nice Thursday!!

18 thoughts on “A Lil’ Inspiration #30”

  1. That is so true, Steph. Victo’s post about the mermaid made me ponder my own body dysmorphia. I feel fat just now even though I am still slim but my clothes are a bit tight around the middle. Everyone keeps telling me I was too slim before but it is all in the attitude and you have a great one. ❤

  2. Confidence is always attractive. So many people seem uncomfortable to be themselves, but no one can represent you better than you! People are always nervous about being liked and accepted, but the more confidence they have in themselves, the more attractive they appear to everyone else. This is an awesome message, and one I always try to remember.

  3. It’s good to hear that you’re doing well. Enjoy your time with your daughter.

    I’m finally (knock on a bunch of wood) over my bout of bronchitis. So feeling so much better. Thanks for asking.

  4. I’m great, Steph! I’m excited to pick up my youngest daughter this weekend and bring her home until her next semester at her university, which will be in September. And how are you?

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