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A Lil’ Inspiration #2

Quoted text is teal against a grayscale scenic background of a roadway with mountains.Hi Everyone,

I want to apologize for being MIA over the past week. I’ve been building out my online store and it’s taken a wee bit more time than I had anticipated but I’m hopeful that it will go live this week. In the interim I wanted to share with you a snippet from Mel Scott, a monthly contributor and one of the women I’ve featured on Women on the Move.

The image is a scenic roadway with mountains & low-hanging clouds. The quote is “We can choose to take responsibility for our thoughts and our words. We are in control. When we stop thinking of ourselves as “poor, unhealthy, tired, or depressed…” we can take small manageable steps in the direction we want to go.” ~Mel Scott

Have a Happy Monday and I hope to visit you soon!! ~Steph


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