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A Lil’ Inspiration #18

Without Light There Is No Sight

Together we are breaking down barriers and revealing common ground!


Literally and metaphorically speaking, none of us “see” the same. I’m sure you’ve heard a number of variations of the phrase “perception is reality.” Broadly speaking, whatever the version, I am reminded of “not knowing what I don’t know.”

Before my vision was corrected I didn’t know I couldn’t see because the eyesight I had was “my normal” and my way of seeing the world reflected only what I knew. Once I received my first pair of eyeglasses my view of the world changed drastically. The miracle of eyeglasses brought my poor eyesight into focus—I could see!

Every year for well over forty years, having my vision corrected allowed me to maintain near perfect eyesight. Then within a blink of an eye I began my journey into sight loss.

We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are. ~Rabbi Shemuel ben Nachmani, as quoted in the Talmudic tractate Berakhot (55b.)

Even though I was born with poor vision, it wasn’t until my eyesight continued to deteriorate my awareness of issues concerning blindness increased. Losing eyesight opened my eyes to many perspectives on how blind people specifically, and people with disabilities on a broader scale, are viewed.

While hatred and misconceptions abound, it’s way too easy to pass judgement on the other side of any given issue. Unfortunately for many, when it comes to disabilities, being the 3rd largest minority group in the world, we are the only minority group where anyone, at any age, race, religion, educational background, etc. can become a member at any time. Even so, I still believe there is a greater number of people who believe that everyone, with or without disabilities, has value.

Abigail, the white cane icon, is on a trip around the world to shed light on blindness. Yes, she is blind. Yes, she uses a white cane. Yes, she is altogether fabulous!

Abigail says “Together we are breaking down barriers and revealing common ground!”

Image: a picture of me holding a “My Friend is Bold, Blind and Beautiful” Abigail Style coffee mug.

To follow Abby’s movements be sure to connect to Bold Blind Beauty’s Facebook page.



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