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A Lil’ Inspiration #16 Meg

A Couple Quick Thoughts

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Megan Taylor |

Happy Friday Everyone!! Once again I had every intention of publishing this post earlier in the day and once again I got to spend the day with my son and grandson—YAY!

All was not lost though because while it’s been some time since I’ve last talked fashion I wanted to share a fun quote with you on this very topic. Also, and this is really pathetic, the reason clothing hasn’t been at the top of my list this spring is because I’ve bought nothing new.

I had a few wardrobe enhancement ideas but when you’re living on a fixed income you have to choose wisely where your money is spent, however one of our stops today was at H&M where I found a navy & white striped tee and an off the shoulder top. These just happened to be two items I knew I wanted back in January. I’ve also been looking for a denim skirt or dress and a top with the shoulders cut out. Since my resources are limited I have a couple of things from last year that I’ve never worn so once I get them altered they will be part of my summer repertoire and photos will be forthcoming.

The other thing on my mind has been you! I stress over budgeting my time wisely and as my blog has grown in popularity so has my list of blogger buddies. Relationships are very important to me and not something I take lightly so I’m saying this to let you know that I will do my very best to visit your sites during the weekends. Thank you so much for visiting Bold Blind Beauty and engaging with me and I need you to know that I appreciate you!!

Today’s quote comes from my friend Meg Taylor who hails from Down Under:

Just as I am a mama, a sissy, a business owner, a wife, or whatever, being blind is only one brilliantly fascinating aspect of my being.” Megan Taylor | #atotalbeing #formerolympian #fashionista #funny #blind

Image: Text is centered in a 4-panel collage (top left running shoes & water bottle, top right husband & wife holding hands carrying baby shoes, bottom right laptop, bottom left hands cutting up fruit.

Have a very nice weekend!! ~Steph

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