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A Lil’ Inspiration #13 Audrey

Life Is In Session

Facebook Audrey 1.17.16F.E.A.R. – Do you Face Everything And Run? Or Face Everything And Rise? Depending on your viewpoint you can give too much power to fear. Fear can motivate or repress and your response is a matter of choice.

Today’s quote by Audrey Demmitt, who has previously been featured here, is one of my faves because it reminds me that regardless of my circumstances, as long as I’m alive I can reach for, and beyond the stars.

On grappling with fear:

  • The first step to Face Everything And Rise is doing an honest self assessment. Like following a map to a specific destination, unless you know yourself; your definition of success, attitudes, beliefs, passions, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, wants and needs, you will get lost.
  • Once you’ve completed your self-assessment the next step is to set short and long-term goals. Goals should always be written, periodically reviewed, revised and once they are met, new ones should be set. It’s a good habit to revisit short-term goals once every 6 weeks, and long-term goals once each quarter.

I wish you all a rich and meaningful life…it is possible even with vision loss! Life is in-session”…live it!” ~Audrey Demmitt

  • The third and final step is to stay the course. If you become derailed, and you will, get back on track and keep pursuing your dreams. Do not let anyone, or killjoys as I like to refer them, tell you that you cannot succeed. There really is no greater satisfaction than proving the naysayers wrong.

When it gets down to it the choice is up to you. You decide your path to success.

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22 thoughts on “A Lil’ Inspiration #13 Audrey”

  1. same here, so far my skeleton is intact… but have had a couple of nasty falls…trips really, the doctor says the ones he concerns with are those that “just happen” when you’re standing there and suddenly fall over. 🙂

  2. Oh my, I hope you didn’t injure yourself too seriously. I did a face plant yesterday when I was walking my dog but the only injury was my pride. I used to fall all the time and it wasn’t a big deal but now that I’m older I’m conscious of the damage that can occur due to a fall.

  3. I’d like to say I’m not afraid of anything…but the truth is I am often scared half silly! It never tempts me to hide in the house or refuse to do “scary” things that in retrospect should have been terrifying. 🙂 Well…now I maybe am afraid of falling on my face, literally, as I did last month. I tripped over a box of books, and experienced the “life flashing before the face” moment as the ground approached my descending face. I had gravel sticking out of my forehead, both hands, and black and blue…and seven shades of purple. Now this IS something to be fear–so I am going to try to use my head. 🙂

  4. Great reminder, Stephanae! I know all too well about both types of F.E.A.R. I’ve been tempted to RUN from my giants – and I’ve also allowed fear to paralyze me to the point of just waning to run and hide. But without that motivation, without those growth pains, we’ll remain stagnate and rot. Let’s remember that as long as we have a pulse – we have a purpose. May we learn to RISE above our circumstances and be the cream of the crop!

  5. I like your friends approach as it reminds me of a question I’ll ask myself “what could be the worst outcome” Putting things in perspective, one of my friends used to constantly say “we’re not saving lives here” and this phrase has remained with me as a guide to what the worst case scenario I might face in any situation.

  6. As I was reading your comment I was thinking for some, the fear may be a result of not wanting to appear inept but as you say failure is required to move forward. Even people who are born with extraordinary gifts fail at one time or another yet they persist. Understanding the breakthrough is on the other side of any given situation requires trial and error.

  7. The fear of failure can be more crippling than the fear of starting which is (as Dr J says) ironic because to know if we can do it or not we must try so as we learn and grow.
    As a friend of mine says “sometimes we just need to grit our teeth, stick our head in it and see what happens”

  8. There seems to be a recurring theme that people fear FAILURE. Ironically, failing is a necessary part of learning and personal growth. The only way to avoid failure is to limit oneself by “living inside the box.” There is nothing wrong with this life if a person chooses it for themselves, but to accept it out of FEAR is unfortunate.

  9. Bun Karyudo - Humor Blog

    Yes, killjoys are a real drag. All that negativity doesn’t do anyone any good (not even the killjoys themselves). There are setback for everybody sometimes, but I’m sure you are right in saying the best thing to do is get right back to it and keep on trying. 🙂

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