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A Lil’ Inspiration #12 Emily

Focusing on Ability = Boundless Opportunities

Facebook Emily 1.25.16The other day one of my sons and I went to the mall. Now if you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that going to the mall is not on my list of favorite things. However on this particular day, after being involuntarily confined to my home for a couple of weeks, I was game.

After walking around for a bit then stopping for a bite to eat, as we were preparing to leave my son says to me. “What is wrong with people?” I ask him what he means and he says “I’m sick of people staring at your cane, it’s 2016 why do people still stare at people who use mobility devices?”

While I can’t surmise the behavior of others, I am grateful that I can’t see the gawking. I think this is one reason people who are newly affected by sight loss go to great lengths to pretend they can still see but this is not the purpose of today’s quote.

Being blind or visually impaired does not automatically mean that you have to be unfashionable. That is the message at the crux of my blog Fashioneyesta. ~Emily Davison

Image Description: Quoted text is white superimposed on four images of London, Paris, Milan and New York.

Emily Davison, fashion/beauty blogger and owner of the blog Fashioneyesta hits the nail on the head by placing the focus on ability and not disability. We are living in an era where people with disabilities are aggressively finding creative solutions to overcoming the obstacles they face.

In short, what this means is, as a society we have to change the way we view people period. Anyone, regardless of their circumstances should not be placed in a box of conformity based on what we think they can or cannot do. Once we are able to understand that every living person has a purpose and is capable of impacting the world, it will be then hopefully, we become truly united.


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