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A Lil’ Inspiration #11 Ashley

Image Matters To All

Image is described in the body of the post.In an effort to help people understand misconceptions about people who live with blindness/sight loss, Ashley Nemeth of Blind Moving On speaks to the issue of personal care. I have many friends who are not only adept at applying makeup and dressing stylishly but they can do so without sight and the need for mirrors. For clarification purposes, there are also many of us who use our residual vision to take advantage of regular or magnifying mirrors—it’s a matter of preference.

I want to be taken seriously and my vision does not affect my ability to do things like wear matching clothes and put makeup on. I love a shopping and getting my nails done. ~Ashley Nemeth |

Image: Quoted text is white against a dark gray panel overlaid on a subtly blurred black & white photo of a woman facing a mirror putting on makeup. #‎womenonthemove‬ ‪#openiningeyes #makeup&sightloss #anythingispossible #stereotypesnomore

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