A Lil’ Eggcellent Humor

If Easter Eggs Could Talk…

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Image: 3 female eggs are sitting at a bar (sounds like a bad joke, I know). One is blue, one is purple and one is a chicly patterned rainbow-colored. The blue egg (talking about chic one) says to the purple egg “check out that dye job on her…” The purple egg says “tramp.”

On a side note, the chic egg is rocking her colors and she’s confident. The other two are, well, green with envy.

I could not resist sharing this cute post that I happened upon over at Jim’s place, Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall. If you have a spare moment or two check out his blog, he’s a funny guy with a serious side.


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7 thoughts on “A Lil’ Eggcellent Humor

  1. That is really cute. I have been looking at ladies my age with interesting hair colors (blue, pink etc). Can’t make up my mind if I am envious or judgmental.

  2. Very cute. And, you’re right. She might be a tramp, but she is a confident one and the other two seem just a bit insecure to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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