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A Goal & A Review | Shea Brand Product Review

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Editor’s Note:

Since my major goal in January was to improve my advocacy efforts within the beauty realm I began with Shea Brand. My plan to do this simply requires that I reach out to and review products and/or services from at least one company per month. Once I’ve done this, I’ll share my review with each company, here on Bold Blind Beauty, and related socials.

It is my hope that by doing these reviews I can help companies understand the needs of people who are blind/low vision. At least 2.2 billion people around the world have a vision impairment, according to the World Report On Vision. By comparison, in the US alone the beauty industry generated approximately 89.5 billion dollars in revenue in 2018. It’s beyond time for A.I.R. (accessibility, inclusion, and representation) to be more prevalent in the world of beauty.

Immediately below you will find a video review I shared with our Bold Blind Beauty Facebook group. Below the video, is the lightly edited review I sent to the company. I was pleasantly surprised when the company’s president, Austin Katz, reached out to me to thank me and to learn more about how they can be more inclusive. He also told me about the dissolving peanuts that the gift box was packed in.

Shea Brand Product Review

Shea Brand Product Review
In this photo I'm holding the Rose Shea Brand tin in my hand
Rose Tin

I love that Shea Brand is a cruelty-free, no harsh chemicals, woman-owned, sustainable business. Since this is my first experience with real shea butter I wanted to begin small so I ordered the Shea Butter Gift Box. As a person who is legally blind, I was able to order my product very easily from your website.

On receiving the order I was a little taken aback that the gift box was packed in what appeared to be styrofoam peanuts. The gift box itself is very well made although for someone who has little to no help is needed to understand what’s contained within the box.

The tins are very cute however again, for a person who cannot see, we cannot determine what is in each tin without assistance. On opening the tins for me the scents were pretty pleasant except for one. The actual shea butter met my expectations and melted very easily between my hands so I could apply it to my skin. Overall, I love what Shes Brand represents and wish it could be a bit more inclusive however within the beauty industry inclusivity can be improved upon across the board.

Open Shea Butter Gift Box displaying Jasmine, Woodland Fog, Rose, and Lavender tins of shea butter.
Open Shea Butter Gift Box

Constructive Feedback Tip

Constructive feedback opens the door to communication which can lead to positive change. A thoughtful, honest commentary on a personal experience is received more readily than an angry rant. Even when responding to a negative experience the words used can make a world of difference.

When I give feedback, I keep it professional and unemotional beginning with positives by sharing what I like. Then I transition into challenges and offer potential solutions. Typically I end on a more positive note than what is in my above review and I’m thankful Austin took the time to read it and respond. By the way, we had a great phone conversation and talked about things Shea Brand can do to become more inclusive.

Next Steps

I’d like to encourage you to provide reviews on products and services that you use day-to-day and how they can be improved to be more accessible and inclusive. As consumers with disabilities, the keyword here is ‘consumers’ and we have buying power. When we as a community unite to advocate for more inclusivity our amplified voices will be heard.

I’d really like to hear from you. Please share your thoughts in a comment.

Image Descriptions:

  • The header photo displays the floral top of the Shea Butter Gift Box
  • Each of the tins is about 2 inches in diameter and in this photo, I’m holding the rose shea butter.
  • Open Shea Butter Gift Box displaying Jasmine, Woodland Fog, Rose, and Lavender tins of shea butter.

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